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I try to act as normal as I can, seeing that everything inside of me is burning and tightening. I'm holding a deep secret inside of me and every time Milena or, even worse, Mrs Welch gives me a look, I'm afraid they know. I'm afraid that they know what I did.

It makes it even worse that I don't regret it. It's not something that an honourable woman would do, it's not something a woman who likes herself would do. Going for a married man? That's always a big no. And I did exactly that.

I've been judging people for cheating before, yet I made someone a cheater now. My boss.

I'm just waiting to be called into the office or someone coming to let me know I'm fired. Even my job wasn't worth enough to me to stop me from being a greedy woman - greedy for someone else's man.

Adrian does come down for lunch, but he's late and his wife already left the table. It was awkward seeing her and looking her in the eyes right after I spent the morning sucking her husband's cock on his demand.

Is that going to be in my references, too?

Adrian announces his presence by coming to the kitchen and scaring the crap out of me. I wasn't prepared to see him. I thought he wasn't coming down for lunch and I already let myself feel relief and the tension leaving me. But right now, it's building up again. I don't know how to act around him.

What we did should never have a repeat but that doesn't change the fact that it happened and it's not going to be the same working for him now.

"I'd like lunch now, please, Cassandra." He sounds formal and polished, completely normal and the same as always. Not affected at all, while I'm battling a war inside of me and my heart is seconds away from jumping right into his arms. Jesus.

"Of course," I say quietly, avoiding his eyes.

Adrian doesn't say anything further. He quietly leaves the kitchen and goes to the dining room. Now that he leaves me alone, I try to gather my thoughts and calm myself down. I lean on the kitchen counter and breathe in and out, hating myself that he affects me so much and hating myself for being so stupid.

Since when am I getting blinded by lust?

I've done the stupidest thing today and there's no excuse for it. I have to suck it up and own up to my mistakes now.

I don't know what I should expect when I come face-to-face with Adrian again, especially now that we're alone. But when I enter the room, I don't expect him acting ... cold towards me.

No, scratch that, he's not acting like anything. He just is. He's polite and he doesn't use any of his remarks. He just let me be. He also barely even looks at me, which makes me feel like a complete shit.

I know I should be happy he's acting like nothing happens, but I thought ... what I thought was stupid. Of course a man like him won't suddenly start a relationship with me. I'm his maid and he's married to a gorgeous woman.

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