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In the next following weeks, Adrian just doesn't know how to stay away. He called me the next day I had a dinner with him. And then the day after that. And then a few times a day, every day.

We haven't seen each other, though. We went for a morning coffee once, but that was all. I understand he's busy and he understands that I still needed some time away from him to see if I can do this again.

Turns out, I can. Either I'm too dumb for my own good to trust this man enough, but this is the man I love and I can't just turn around and walk away from him, especially when he's so persistent and tries so hard. Because he's really trying.

I get flowers from him a few times a week. Roses mostly. Sometimes roses and sunflowers together. And he texts me a lot. Sometimes, it feels like I'm back in high school when he dares to send me flirty texts that make me blush like a virgin. And other times we just talk about our days.

He throws in random questions sometimes like what colour was my room back at home, what was my favourite toy as a kid, what season is my favourite one and so on. He's getting to know me. And I'm glad because in that way, I'm getting to know him, too.

There's so much of him he doesn't show to the world that he shows me. I see that now. Looking back at our time, I realise he was never really open or friendly with anyone. He mentioned he doesn't really have close friends and therefore it must be hard for him to trust another person.

I bet he's lonely. He must be. That made me wonder if that was the only reason he wants me back and I mentioned this to him, to which he reassured me that is not the case at all and that he hasn't thought about that at all. He said that he likes being alone and he chose to be this way. He values his alone time and he rarely gets the urge to share that alone time with anyone else so it took him by surprise when he wanted to spend every minute with me and learned how hard it is for him to stay away. His words, not mine.

I think I believe him. I have some of my fears, too, though. But they won't go away on their own. I guess I'll have to see how serious he means by giving him another chance.

One week after we saw each other over the coffee, Adrian shows up at the bar, completely unexpectedly. I'm talking to Thomas yet again. We created quite a friendship. He stopped asking me out, finally, and now he's just being friendly. He probably realised I'm not going to cave in.

But Adrian showing here now is ... not what I expected. Or even wanted.

"Adrian. What are you doing here?" I say, shocked when he sits down right before me. He eyes Thomas who's sitting on his left now.

Thomas looks at Adrian with interest, shifting his body towards him to get a better look. "This is your man?" Thomas asks me, still looking at Adrian.

I shift on my feet, uncomfortable. I watch as Adrian's eyebrow slightly lifts up. He stays quiet.

"Well, now I at least know why I didn't stand a chance with you."

I close my eyes, mortified. "Adrian, what are you doing here?" I ask the question that remained unanswered the first time.

"I wanted to visit my girlfriend." He grins, looking pleased with himself.

I feel Thomas's eyes on me and whatever he sees on it, must amuse him because he grins as well. Now both men are grinning like fools while I'm frowning.

Adrian turns to Thomas, extending his arm. "Adrian Welch. It's nice to meet you."

Thomas accepts his hand. "Thomas. Just Thomas." He once again looks Adrian up and down, noting his expensive suit, most likely. I want to die of embarrassment. I can only think of what Thomas must think of me now.

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