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I sit in that chair and I'm not willing to move. Because if I go, this is it. I lose everything. And I can't afford to lose more than I already have. "Mrs Welch, please. Is there any way to change your mind? I'm a good worker -"

"You're homeless. And I'm not about to let a homeless person live in my home," she cuts me off.

I'm speechless for a moment. And then I want to cry. Because, yes, I'm homeless, which means I'm in a terrible need of a job. I'm asking for it, but this woman wants to judge me. "No - well, yes, but only temporary and only since recently. That's why I'm looking for a job. I need money to pay for my study."

Mrs Welch puts her forearms on the desk and pierces me with her stare. "We all struggle in this world, Miss Duarte. You're nothing special."

"No, I'm not. I'm just a regular person looking for a job, but you're being judgmental and very rude." I stand up, ready to leave and ready to go find some corner to cry for hours. I'm such a failure.

When I want to leave, ignoring the sympathy shining from Mr Welch's eyes, Mrs Welch's voice stops me. "Miss Duarte. Sit down."

I'm so ready to tell her off again, but I rather bite my tongue and turn around, but I refuse to sit back down. Mrs Welch notices that and she raises her eyebrows. "A part of your job is taking orders. Why don't you start doing that now?" She nods towards the chair.

I sit down, biting my tongue. This woman holds my future in her hands, it wouldn't be smart to defy her.

"Miss Duarte, if I were to give you a job, what do you have to offer?"

"Well, I can get you my CV -" I start to stand up when Mrs Welch cuts me off again.

"I don't care what it's written in there. I want you to tell me something that's not in there. What do you have to offer?" she repeats the question, her voice sterner now.

I stare into her sapphire eyes, fearing to speak. With this woman, any answer could be a wrong one. And you never know which answer she would find it's the right one. So one could say I'm getting nervous. And I'm starting to sweat.

"Since I need money for my study, I'll be a good worker, I won't talk back and I'll do everything that's ordered to me. Without objections."

Mrs Welch stares at me for some more moments before she sighs. I don't know whether it from disappointment or from something else. "Let's try you for a week. Milena will get you settled in one of the rooms and she'll show you around. Make no mistakes, keep your mouth shut and just do what you're told. We'll see where we'll go after a week."

A happiness suddenly hits me, a happiness so big I want to go around the desk and hug this no-nonsense woman the scares the crap out of me. I have a job. I have a job! And I'm also not homeless anymore!

"What I expect is respect. God forbid I find anything missing." She levels me with a stare and I'm embarrassed she would think I'd steal just because I'm in the situation I am. I'm an honest woman, I would never take anything that's not mine.

Oh, but little do I know this job will put my belief on the test.

"My husband wakes up early and he'll expect a breakfast. Early means before 6 am. You stop working when we go to bed or we say we don't need you. You take orders from me and my husband only, others will only give you directions. You'll get a room in this house. The room will be only yours and you're not allowed to share it with anyone else. You can bring your personal belongings with you ..." She eyes my suitcase. "Which you have already done. You're not allowed to have visitors. You can use a house phone if you ask before. Am I clear?"

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