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I let out a tired sigh as I close the door to my room, stepping from the light into darkness

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I let out a tired sigh as I close the door to my room, stepping from the light into darkness. I turn the light on, rubbing my left eye with my index finger. I'm already in my pyjama, coming from the bathroom. The staff here has only one bathroom together. That doesn't bother me because I know it's always clean since Milena and I take care of that every day.

I hang my uniform in the closet to wear it tomorrow and when I turn around, I let out a loud yelp, running back into the closet, hitting my back hard.

My wide, scared eyes settle on Adrian sitting on the chair with a glass in his hand, watching me. "Que ..." I put my hand on my racing heart. "What are you doing here?"

"Good evening, Cassandra," Adrian greets me with his deep voice. His tone is calm. As if he isn't sitting in my room, completely unplanned and unannounced.

"What are you doing here?" I repeat, crossing my arms over my chest. Now I'm embarrassed that he's seeing me wear this unflattering pyjama.

I see Adrian eyeing me up and down, his eyes stopping on my bare legs for just a second. It's not like he doesn't see my legs exposed all the damn due to that uniform he makes me wear.

"I just came to see you."

I look anywhere else but at him. He makes me feel a thousand emotions at once and when they all hit me ... I'm surprised I can still stand. "What for?"

Adrian's eyebrow slightly arches. If I didn't look at his face intently, I would've missed the small movement. "Do I need a reason?"

It's my eyebrow arching now. I pointedly look around the room. "Pues ... sí."

Adrian's eyes get hooded, his eyelids dropping a bit. "I've missed you. Is this reason good enough?" Adrian says, humming afterwards. He drinks the remaining liquid in the glass and puts it on the nightstand. The book I put there before catches his attention and he pauses, picking it up.

I sense he's going to say something and I start guessing he'll be mad that I took the book from his library without his permission.

He silently opens the book and starts going through it. I look at him, not knowing what to make out of this situation. "What's your favourite book, Cassandra?"

I purse my lips to the side at the unexpected question. He doesn't look at me. "The one you're holding," I say, still not moving away from the closet and still not cutting the distance between us.

Adrian hums again. He slowly closes the book and puts it back on the nightstand. He leans forward in the chair and puts his elbows on his knees, looking at me once again, his intense eyes making me feel self-conscious because I feel he notices every little movement I make.

"Why did you decide to study English literature?"

I blink at him. And I blink at him again. "Because ... I like it?"

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