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I've never woken up beside a man in my life. My father doesn't count since I was little back then. But as a woman, I've never woken up beside a man. Especially not a man like Adrian Welch.

And let me tell you, waking up with Señor Welch is exquisite. And quite pleasing, especially his tongue between my legs. I stretch my arms behind my head, smiling before I look down at his dark hair working his magic.

I could get used to this. It's better than any "Good morning" anyone has ever said to me. And after he makes me come? He gives me such a sweet, such a big smile, I want to jump his bones.

"Hi," I grin at him before he lies on top of me, skin against skin, and kisses me deeply, hungrily. "Mmm. Buenos días a ti también," I say with a huge smile on my face.

He's looking down at me, blinding me with his pearly white teeth. "Oh, it really is a good morning," he says, rubbing his cock against me.

It's too dark in the room to see him fully, but I like what I can see. I like it very much.

I sink my teeth into my bottom lip. But then he rolls off me and I look at him in disappointment. He sees it. "I don't have time. I'm already late."

"Aren't you the boss?" I purr and bend my leg so the sheet exposes my naked body. Adrian's eyes take in the sight, his cock twitching.

"The boss still needs to work," he says a little regretfully, his big palm resting on my bare thigh, caressing it softly.

Adrian turns on the bedside lamp and looks around the room disorientingly. "This room is pretty shitty."

I chuckle. "You only have yourself to blame for that, guapo."

Adrian frowns. "So, you don't like it? You don't like being in here?"

My smile slowly falls off my face and I sit up on the bed. "That's not what I said," I say carefully. It's way better than my room at my last flat. "I actually like it just fine. I only use it for sleeping, anyway, so it meets my needs." Having a warm bed and a roof above my head is something I'll never take for granted.

And this house is big and spacious. This room is something many people only dream of having. It might not be anything special in Adrian's eyes because he's used to prestige and rich things, but it's something very special for me.

"In that case, you could use my room for sleeping, too. And other things." Adrian gives me a wicked smile.

Oh. I see where this is going. "I like this room just fine, Adrian, gracias."

Adrian sighs, standing up and putting his pants on. "I just don't understand why you don't want to come sleep in my room, Cassandra. Don't you like it?"

It's way too early to be having this conversation again. "It's not that. It just feels wrong. I shouldn't forget where my place is in this house."

Adrian grunts. "You're stubborn," he observes.

I shrug and stand up from the bed, too. "Now stop disturbing me, I need to go prepare breakfast for my boss."

Adrian grins. "The boss already ate this morning." A boyish grin falls onto his mouth, making him look younger. Dear God, he's really handsome. I don't think I've ever seen someone this handsome in my life before. And his confidence makes everything even sexier.

"Seriously?" I ask, not getting if he's joking or not.

Adrian slowly walks to me, bare-chested and with a look of a predator. He puts his hand under my chin and leans down, putting his mouth on mine, kissing me deeply, with tongue and lip nibbling. It makes my toes curl.

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