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Five years later

She enters their bedroom and finds him sleeping. She's next to him. He's having his arm around her, being protective even in his sleep.

She tries not to make any sound, but he senses her. He always does when she's near.

He blinks his eyes open, looking beside him first; always at her first, to make sure that she's okay wherever she is and whatever she's doing before his eyes finally find hers, looking at her with all the love and adoration and love a man can muster.

He slowly stands up, careful not to wake her up and walks over to her like she's his prey. Sometimes, she really feels like she is. And she can't deny she loves it.

They go out of the bedroom and he closes the door behind him. "You're home early," he says, his voice low and quiet.

"And I am happy for that. I wouldn't want to miss that sight."

His eyes become soft. "She was good today."

Her head slightly cocks to the side. After all these years, she's still admiring how good-looking this man actually is. And after all these years, he can still take her breath away.

"Seeing you loving our daughter so much is almost better than watching how much you love me."

His hand comes to her neck, caressing the skin softy. "It's my pleasure, wife," he says, his voice low and sensual. He leans his head down, teasingly brushing his lips against hers for a few times before he kisses her.

A lot of things have changed in their lives, but the passion for each other stayed exactly the same. He's kissing her with the same fire he did when they met each other.

They're interrupted when they hear crying from the room they just left. He's immediately on alert, walking back into the room and taking her in his arms.

She stands by the door, just watching them. Watching how he lovingly puts his lips to her head, how careful he is with her and how damn good it suits him to be a father.

She is happy that she took the risk back then. She has a degree. She has a job that she loves. She has a home. And without that risk she took, she would've had all these things, but she wouldn't have him.

The one who makes everything better. The one who makes everything easy when it gets hard. The one who makes her feel powerful. Beautiful. Worthy. And so loved. All those materialistic things lose their meaning when she's with him. She could have nothing and still feel like she has everything just by having him.

She found out some risks are worth taking. And even if things were difficult sometimes, especially at the beginning, she was comforted by the thought that he loves her. And he knew she loved him as well.

And at the end of the day, that was the most important thing.

I made this epilogue super short for a reason. It's also a bit different from the epilogues on my other stories, I didn't really want to go for that cliche over-used ending that's always the same in the books.

With this, the book is now completed. Once again, there will be no sequel and no extra chapters because I don't want to stretch the plot any further. I'm leaving it exactly like this because that's how I imagined it and I like it like that.

Thank you soooo much for reading and supporting this story, first on radish and now on wattpad. This is the 7th book I finished so I guess this calls for a celebration haha. 

Some of you were also wondering about my upcoming stories; I'm planning a story which will be posted on radish only (this time it's really not going on wattpad for many, many reasons and because it's a huge honour to even be able to write for radish). 

I hope you enjoyed reading this story. I know I loved writing it. 

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Patricia x

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