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Adrian does not take that lightly because the next second, he's in my room, slamming the door shut and wearing a furious expression

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Adrian does not take that lightly because the next second, he's in my room, slamming the door shut and wearing a furious expression. I slump a little to myself and, hopefully, he doesn't see my fear.

Mierda. I poked the beast.

"That was not very nice of you, don't you think, Cassandra?" I both hate and love the way he emphasises my name.

"It also wasn't very nice of you when you didn't let me come before, héroe." Hero.

Something flashes in Adrian's eyes – some kind of a recognition. "Ah. I see. But I told you, that was your punishment. Or should I choose another method the next time? Wasn't this sufficient?"

"It might be. But that doesn't mean I liked it," I grit out. Yes, I'm still pissed off and incredibly turned on. I can't help myself around him anymore.

"That's the point of punishment, Cassandra – you not liking it." He cocks his head to the side.

"You told me you're not into BDSM."

"I'm not. I like having control, but to some extent. Call me a dominant lover or whatever you'd like, but you should know I'd never go too far with you. That's why I offered you to choose a safe word."

I shake my head, stepping back from him a little. "This is scaring me a little," I admit quietly.

Adrian's eyes become gentle and soft. "Don't be scared, not of me, never of me. I'll give you pleasure – your pleasure is completely mine to own and treasure."

"You didn't really give me any pleasure before."

Adrian's eyebrow arches. "Didn't I? I hope you making me come would satisfy you as much as it does me when I make you come."

"Oh, so you weren't satisfied, then? We could change that," I try to sound seductive and give him, what I hope, a flirty smile.

Adrian's mouth forms a smile. "Ah, Cassandra, what am I going to do with you?"

"I can suggest you a few things if you can't remember anything," I offer sheepishly, hoping that he's going to take mercy on me and actually get me off. I know I could get myself off, but it wouldn't feel nearly as good as it would if he did it. In other words, estoy jodida. I'm screwed.

Adrian turns around and turns the key in the lock. My body jolts. It's happening. "Suggest me some things, then. Let's see what I can do to make them happen."

"I don't care about what you do to me, just make me come, Adrian. Por favor."

Adrian's eyebrows arch. "Already begging? I told you conditions, you don't get to come today."

I let out a dramatic sigh. "You didn't put a specific timetable before."

He shrugs. "I did now."

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