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In the next two weeks, Adrian is patient and very sweet to me. It's kind of weird. And it's very dangerous for my heart, but I love his attentive side. We actually talk a lot. I found out that he's a good listener. He loves to listen to me – he even said so, and even if he didn't, I actually see it.

I can't help myself but like him more and more every day. He's nice, charming and can really make me laugh.

It's a dangerous thing how dependant on him I'm becoming. Because right now, he might think he wants this for longer than with anyone else before, but I have my doubts.

And he's really making me believe there is something more between us, something we can never have.

Milena warned me about locking my heart away from his reach, but the stupid heart of mine tends to be deaf when it comes to reasonable and useful advice.

On Wednesday, a gynaecologist comes to the house. I'm surprised when she says that she's actually there for me.

Dr Geneva says Mr Welch requested she comes here.

I don't quite like this. This is Adrian's house, where he lives with his wife. I don't think it's appropriate he calls the gynaecologist for his mistress here. Also, I don't even want to see the looks on others' faces, let alone know what they think about me and about this situation.

It's awkward and I'm embarrassed just thinking that everyone in the house will know what I am to Adrian. Milena knows, though, but I still don't feel comfortable openly talking about it or openly showing it.

Not that I would be embarrassed of Adrian, but I'm embarrassed of myself. I'm a woman without any morals. And that's not really something to be proud of.

But then again, two players are in this game. Adrian doesn't particularly seem like a man who'd care about what people think. He's not exactly openly loving in front of other people, but he doesn't go out of his way to hide it, either.

I take Dr Geneva up to my room, suddenly nervous. I've never been to any examination of this kind before and I don't know what to expect.

Dr Geneva tells we're going to go over this quickly. I have to undress and she looks at me with scrutinising eyes. I look at her a little better. She could be described as attractive. She's not blonde, but not a brunette, either. She's something in-between. She has a nice smile, though.

"How much do you weigh, Miss Duarte?" I like her voice, too. It's pleasant.

I shrug. "I don't know."

"You look very thin. Do you have any trouble with consuming food?"

I shake my head. "No."

Dr Geneva writes that down, obviously not happy with my answer. Does she think I'm lying?

"Based on what Mr Welch told me, you two have had sexual intercourse and are planning to have more of it. He requested I discuss appropriate birth control with you. Have you ever taken anything before?"


"Have you ever had sex without a condom before?"

I try not to snort. "No."

"Very good. I request you come to my ordination in a few weeks at least, so we can check up on everything. I'll also have your tests ready in a few days. Now, tell me, are you allergic to anything? Any allergic reactions to any drugs?"

"Not that I know of."

"Do you or anyone in your family have a disease?"

I gulp. "My father had a lower respiratory infection."

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