Chapter 43: Remembering Kyle (Part 2)

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Chapter 43

(Bonus chapter will be posted next week!)

~Riley's POV~

 I paced the small room, back and forth from the tiny window to the opposite wall, until my feet grew tired and I had to sit on the bed to rest them for a while. Not even the books Nate had brought earlier enticed me, not when my best friend lay in the hospital two days after surgery and still hadn't woken up yet. I wanted to be with him, I wanted him to know I was there for him and waiting for him to wake up.

I sighed, looking around the room in disgust. After two and a half days stuck in the place I was already sick of it. I was counting the seconds until Nate come to tell me it was all over and I could leave. I was particularly grateful when he'd told me John had found a way to free Kyle as well, and  I couldn't count the number of times I'd fantasized of life as a free man, actually able to go out in public with Kyle and John, and of course Nate. Finally being able to live a normal life with the people who mattered.

I dropped my head unto the pillow and hummed a broken tune. It was the only thing I could do to keep sane. I closed my eyes and allowed my mind to drift as I thought about life on the outside. I could practically taste the free air, wanting it so desperately that my mouth watered.

"Am I interrupting something?" A voice issued from the doorway and I sat up in surprise to see Simon standing there. I hadn't even heard the lock in the door being turned.

"Simon? What are you doing here?' I asked. Of all the people, I never expected him to visit me.

"I'm taking you to lunch, come on." He said simply, and for a second I could only stare as he walked out of the room. The guards standing by the door watched me impatiently as I stood, then before either of them decided to change their minds, I stepped through, following quickly behind Simon who only looked back when he was holding the door for me that led outside.

I took a breath and stepped through and into the fresh air. It was perfect.

He led me to a flashy red car that looked like something straight out of a magazine; shiny and expensive looking, and I could even bet it was fast.

I got in when he unlocked the doors and a moment later I got to see just how fast it was.

Simon didn't say a word as we drove, but then I didn't really expect him to. From the moment I'd met him I'd realized he was one of the strong silent types, brainy and gorgeous and so intelligent, that I sometimes felt uncomfortable talking to him for fear of saying something stupid.

He didn't listen to music, didn't hum a tune and didn't offer anything in the way of small talk, we just drove, the wind blowing through our short hair, while sitting in surprisingly comfortable silence.

He took me to a fancy diner in a part of town I'd never been before, and surprised me by ordering just regular burgers and fries, which he got with extra ketchup. I ordered the same, and while we ate, he watched me with an expression somehwere between curiosity and amusement.

"Why'd you do this?" I asked around a mouthful of salted fries.

He took a swig of his lemonade before answering me. "I felt sorry for you." Was all he said. No other explanation, no rambling, just blunt and to the always.

"Well...thanks I guess." I said uncertainly, and he nodded.

I snagged another fry and plopped it into my mouth, then picked up my milkshake and sucked the milky goodness threw the small straw.

Simon's phone rang and I watched as he plucked it from the table and put it to his ear.

"Yeah?" he answered, picking up two fries and stuffing them into his mouth as he listened to the person on the other line. I sucked down the rest of the shake as I watched him, and when his eyes shot to mine, my brows furrowed.

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