Chapter 14: Visiting hours.

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Chapter 14

~John’s POV~

There was something going on between them even if nobody cared to admit it.

 I didn’t even want to know what those two did in the privacy of their small cell but with the two very visible love bites baring themselves on the boy’s neck; it wasn’t hard to guess. I turned away from them in annoyance, only to come face to face with the other kid; Kyle. Now this one was a down right pain in my ass.

He looked at me as if I’d given him the moon and up until recently I’d thought I could ignore it but now it was just getting ridiculous. This was a prison not a fucking soap opera.

 I shook my head then turned away from him and with nowhere else to look without having to deal with the goo-goo eyed inmate, I looked down, dropping my forehead onto my arm.

“Hey are you okay?” Kyle was quick to interrupt. I felt the pressure of his small hand against my arm and heard the concern in his voice and I shook my head. This is what infatuation did to a person; turned a stone cold criminal into a ...Kyle.

Yet even while the thought struck me, I couldn’t ignore the fact that it felt damn good to have someone feel concerned about my wellbeing. It had been awhile since anyone other than Nate gave a shit and I turned my head briefly to the side to appraise the kid.

I took in the too-pretty-to-be-male face with those large brown eyes, the too long eye lashes and the plump pink lips and the thoughts I had tried to suppress rose to the surface and I gritted my teeth against their assault.

“Look, you seem like a decent kid and all, but I don’t do relationships, more than that, I don’t do relationships with inmates so stop wasting your time...good?” I got out then dropped my head again before he could answer.

“You’re all talk but I can tell when someone likes me.” he said and I chose to ignore him. He was only a child after all; they had a tendency to say foolish things.

When I felt the hand pass through my short cropped hair not a second later, I stiffened and pulled away, glaring at him as I did. “What the fuck is your problem kid?”

He only offered a smile.

“The ‘badass’ act doesn’t work on me Johnny, so you might as well drop it.” He told me with a confidence that sickened me and I reached over to grab the hand that was moving toward me again, and twisted…hard. He cried out in pain and when I dropped it, he held it protectively to his chest; pouting. I looked away.

“I’ll give you two weeks.” I heard him say then and my brows furrowed.

“Two weeks for what?”

“Two weeks before you fall in love with me.” he said it once again so confidently I had to really take a good look at him. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh at his stupidity or strike him over the head for his unwelcome cockiness. I did neither; only continued to stare at him with narrowed eyes.

“You won’t be able to help it; I’ll be around you so much you’ll just give in to what you already feel.” He continued and this time I did laugh.

“You must be on something kid.”

He only grinned and I gritted my teeth then glanced over at Nate who was deep in conversation with Riley. He looked so engrossed in the kid I had to look away. Everybody in this place was losing their minds.


~Nathan’s POV~

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