Chapter 17: Johnny boy

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Chapter 17

~John's POV~

It was that time of day when the big guys allowed us inmates to mix and mingle on the block. All cells were left open for exactly two hours during which time the we were able to interact with each other, make new 'friends' and get the chance to stretch our legs. I'd have preferred to go out into the yard but at this point any time spent out of cell was a Godsend.

Which was ironic since I found myself out of my own cell and lounging in Nathan's playing a round of cards with him, Riley and Kyle. I pushed back in my chair until it was tilting precariously on its feet and stifled a yawn. We were playing some stupid game Kyle made up and had been at it for about fifteen minutes already.

I was just about ready to literally throw in the cards and find some other way to spend my time. Over on the bottom bunk Nathan and Riley sat side by side making goo-goo eyes at each other and beside me Kyle was about ready to break his neck trying to catch a glimpse of my cards.

I sighed

Yup this is what had become of my life; wasting time in prison while the real bad guys got away. After two years of this undercover bullshit I had to decide if this was really the life i still wanted. I was never one to sit and strategize or wait patiently for the bad guy to fall. I needed to get in on the action; to feel as if I was actually making a difference and when my time in here was up; that's what I'd be doing.

Nathan was in this for life though, sure he talked about leaving, starting up his securities company but he was meant for this kind of thing, it was his calling and I respected that. To each his own right? I only had to wonder what it would do to the kid when it was time for us to move on.

Riley was attached, any fool could see it and I was pretty sure everyone knew it by now too. The way he hung on to Nate's every word, the way his eyes never strayed too far from my partner's face and how he got all sulky and annoying to look at whenever Nate had to go check in with a visitor, it was kinda...kinda like the way Kyle kept looking at me now that I thought about it and my eyes narrowed as I turned to look at him.

He pulled back quickly as if everyone didn't already know he was cheating. I dropped my cards face-up on the small table and the others threw in as well... probably glad the game was finally over.

I rolled my shoulders trying to dislodge the discomfort that had settled there at the thought of Kyle become attached to me. It wasn't something I could deal with right now, not something I wanted to deal with.

"We should double-date sometime." Kyle announced then, successfully breaking the silence and I looked at him as if he'd suddenly grown a pair of horns; for all I knew they were already in the making. The kid was delusional.

"Don't you bother giving me that look Nathan, I know you and Riley are a thing and John and I are pretty close too, so I think it would be cool for us to hang when we finally make it out of this place." He paused and did that cute thing where he scrunched up his nose as he considered something.

"Maybe we could go catch a movie, or eat at some famous restaurant, my dad knows a bunch of 'em, hmmm or maybe an amusement park, I haven't been to one of those in years, or maybe not...I'm kinda afraid of the rides..." he trailed off now and I chose that moment to break the silence.

"What do you mean we're close? I barely even know you."

He looked at me then, one eyebrow raised, "You know me well enough." Then he turned back to the others and I looked at Nathan who shrugged.

"I think it's kinda cute that you two are together, this place needs some love." The boy continued as if he couldn't survive without the constant chatter.

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