Chapter 8: Lock down.

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Chapter 8

~Nathan’s POV~

I’d been an asshole to sleep with him when I knew he had feelings for me and irresponsible to sleep with him when I should be completely focused on my assignment. It was ridiculous how quickly I’d gone from completely in control to completely helpless in the space of five minutes and I wanted to kick myself for it.

Like so many other warm blooded males out there I’d done the clichéd thing and given in to the flesh. After all my resolve; broken by the one thing I should have been able to tame; My dick. Wasn’t that a bitch.

I looked at him again, taking in his flushed cheeks, the long lashes and bruised lips. Then my gaze travelled lower to his naked flawless back; along his spinal column and down to his perfectly shaped ass that I’d so deliciously made mine the night before.

 God he’d been perfect; the best sex I’d had in a long time and hell if I didn’t find myself wanting more but should I even consider it?

He’d literally begged me to have sex with him last night. He’d made  the act sound so material; devoid of all the unwanted emotional entanglements people tended to go for these days and while it had sounded like a good deal I knew it was just too damn good to be true.

He hadn’t just wanted a no strings deal. No one could look at someone the way he did me and not want something more out of it. While I’d sunken into his depths again and again he’d gazed at me with such trusting eyes, glazed over not just by the passion of the moment but something deeper, more intense that I hadn’t bothered to dissect until now.

And hell if I hadn’t reveled in it. It would be pointless to deny how great it had felt to have him look at me that way; as if the sun rose and set with me, as if I could make his whole world right. It was as frightening as it was addicting and I was almost terrified of what that meant.

He shifted on the bed, turned his head to the wall and mumbled something indiscernible in his sleep before his breath evened out again. I sighed.

I couldn’t actually have feelings for him; there was a simple explanation for the strange emotions that had bubbled up inside me overnight; I’d been stuck in this hellhole for almost two years; the lack of any meaningful interaction must have gotten to me and now I was viewing this simple carnal act as something it wasn’t.

See?  A simple explanation; I didn’t really have feelings for him; it was just sex…plain and simple.

Maybe I could actually do this; maybe letting out some sexual frustration would be a good thing. Maybe it really wouldn’t be so bad to continue this with him. He was an adult; old enough to understand that it would only be sex and nothing more.

Just sex…nothing more because that’s exactly what it was.


~Riley’s POV~

I could smell my mother’s sweet banana muffins accompanied by the warmth of a home I’d lived in my entire life. I snuggled deeper into the soft hand washed sheets and sighed in satisfaction. I could even hear Jerry downstairs; his keys jangling in his pockets as he got ready for work.

This was the life; relaxing with not a problem in the world and living with a family who loved me. This was how it was suppose to be.

I snuggled deeper into the bed, shifting to find a better position and my foot slammed into something cold and hard; like metal.  It felt strange in the comforting atmosphere and I pried my eyes open to investigate only to be dragged back to reality.

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