Chapter 11: Those damning words.

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Chapter 11

~Nathan’s POV~

“Too much has gone into this already Nate, I can’t give you boys anymore time.”

I wasn’t exactly surprised by the chief’s words, after all, we’d had two years to do this and it was only now, with little over two months to go, that we were making a break in the case, but if we didn’t take the bastards down then that would be two years of our lives wasted and I couldn’t live with that. I wouldn’t.

“Sir this could possibly be the biggest case our department has seen in years. This drug op could save the lives of hundreds… no thousands of people, we can’t afford to let it go.”

“You don’t need to sell it to me Greyson, I know what’s at stake but it doesn’t mean there’s a damn thing I can do about it. Not even I can pull those kinds of strings. I gave you two years and now I’m giving you two and a half months. If you don’t get it done then that’s it. Case closed.”

And there in lay the enormity of the load on my shoulders. Two and a half months to take down the highly reputed warden of a maximum security facility.

“Then I guess I don’t have much of a choice then.” I said and the chief turned to look out the floor to ceiling window of his office.

“Eat up Nate, you have a lot of planning to do.”

I glanced down at my uneaten burger and fries; my mouth watering. I hated to partake in this meal when my men were still stuck in that hellhole scrambling for scraps. I sighed and took a bite of the treat while my mind picked and refused ideas that it produced as a way of getting through this predicament on top.

I had exactly five hours left before I’d be carted back to the courthouse and then to the prison and I was both dreading it and anxious to get back. I’d gone over the plans with the chief so many times that it was just about cemented in my mind; now it just had to work and my fear was that it wouldn’t.

I stood and walked around the office, pacing the room for a while; my mind consumed with thoughts of the end result of all our undercover work as well as the steps we would have to take to prevent two years of hell from going down the drain.

It was I tried to process it all that the chief reentered the room. His expression was as it always was; one of dissatisfaction tinged with annoyance and I knew that my next question would only add to his already downtrodden disposition.

“I’m going to need you to get me file on one of the inmates; Riley Parker.”  There was a question in there somewhere.

The chief moved to grab a seat at his desk and shuffled around a few papers before responding.

“Riley Parker, is he one of D-Fox’s guys?”

“No, my cell mate.” I figured I’d just get it out of the way because knowing him, he’d make it his duty to find out anyway.

The boss’s brows furrowed and he leaned forward with sudden interest. “Your cell mate’s in on it? Why didn’t you say so, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to find out what he knows about the warden.” I could practically smell the excitement oozing off him and I hated to be the one to kill his sudden burst of enthusiasm but…

“No he has nothing to do with the operation. He’s completely clueless.” I was quick to explain and I watched as the chief deflated.

“Then why do you need his file?”

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