Life Sucks If You're Married To A Billionaire by Krystel_Grace69
Life Sucks If You're Married To A...by Krystel Grace
Truly, life sucks for the stubborn Kei. Since he turned 21, he hated how his life turned up for the worst. Why, you may ask? It is all because of the devious Jace Langlo...
  • honeymoon
  • gay
  • french
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Bad Boys Love Good Boys||BoyxBoy by 11LookAtMeh11
Bad Boys Love Good Boys||BoyxBoyby 11LookAtMeh11
"I'll lick you up and down before giving you countless hickeys. I'll pump you until you reach your climax and swallow every last drop of your nut. I'll pop your pin...
  • mature
  • gay
  • love
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More Than Just Brothers (BxB)(✔️) by slept-til-death
More Than Just Brothers (BxB)(✔️)by Alive
Can brothers have a love for another that is more than just brotherly love?
  • teenfiction
  • lovers
  • boys
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Different Kind of Love (BoyxBoy) by HopefullyPerfect
Different Kind of Love (BoyxBoy)by T.S Johnson
I had the perfect life, the perfect everything. And then I had to stand and watch it all crash in front of me; literally. -- Jamie Flint has to deal with reality; n...
  • different
  • kind
  • lgbt
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Marrying The Mafia Boss(boyxman) by BANDLOVR
Marrying The Mafia Boss(boyxman)by BANDLOVR
WARNING(AGAIN)- BOYXMAN STORY Short story 10 chapters Meet Bailey Marygold. He's a little cutie who wears glasses and is not typical nerd. He has a big brother and two d...
  • mafia
  • mature
  • secondstory
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BETA MINE (mxm || lgbtq) by notbackingdown
BETA MINE (mxm || lgbtq)by T. Gray
"A mate will love you and only you. No other can compare to you and he or she will treasure you above all and everything in the world," mommy says to me as she...
  • wattys2018
  • heartwrenching
  • malepregnancy
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Lab Partners [BXB] [COMPLETED] by OminouslyAnonymous
Lab Partners [BXB] [COMPLETED]by Anon Ominous
*Completed* "Oh, come now, Eli," his breath fanned against my skin as he stared down at me. His hands pressed against the wall on either side of me, preventing...
  • partners
  • newkid
  • labpartners
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Possession | MxM by keychainless
Possession | MxMby ⒸⓇⓛⓃⒼⒺ
High school parties are usually full of alcohol, loud music, and "fun" (subjectively). Keith Cooper, however, plans on going home after everyone reeks of adult...
  • gayfiction
  • humor
  • boyxboy
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THE BILLIONAIRE'S BID #BOYXBOYby Autumn Breeze & Ezra Winn
Carter Wicker couldn't get laid even if he paid for it but . . what if someone else was paying? As payback for his best friend, Ethan Marlowe's smart remark, he did wh...
  • newadult
  • billionaire
  • youngadult
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The Not So Super Hero by Twoony
The Not So Super Heroby Twoony
Zane Levitt hated troublesome things and by troublesome he meant anything and everything that required anything more than average mental or physical effort. Living a med...
  • wattys2017
  • action
  • love
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Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu 7u7 *Manga yaoi +18* Espanish :p by blackqueen194
Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete I...by
  • dakaretai
  • chicos-lindos
  • dakaretai-otoko
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Nerd Alert [BXB]✓ by saintc
Nerd Alert [BXB]✓by Saint Caliendo
Alexander isn't your typical nerd. He'll say what he wants, do what he wants, and verbally bash you while doing it. That's what Travis, a soccer player assigned to be tu...
  • gay
  • freethelgbt
  • homosexual
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Mismated by Fudgecakexox
Mismatedby Fudgecakexox
"Fucking take off your clothes and get in that bed before I come back or I'll take you right against this wall, Blue," he growled in my ear, fingers curling ro...
  • hate
  • love
  • girlxgirl
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P E T by Flying_Free123
P E Tby D R E A M B I G
Was it bad that I love not one, but two of my brothers friends? - When I was younger I followed my older brother around all the time. His friend, Caesar, often called m...
  • romance
  • dom
  • love
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Coffee Isn't Enough (COMPLETED) by Krystel_Grace69
Coffee Isn't Enough (COMPLETED)by Krystel Grace
Frei Harrington and Yale Peters... their love story began inside a coffee shop... What really happened? Copyright © 2016 Kristel Grace *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Cover made b...
  • twins
  • homosexual
  • freshmen
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Step Brother (Jikook) {21+} by sugajiminkookie
Step Brother (Jikook) {21+}by mochisugakookie
Jungkook is homophobic and hates gay people, but things start to change after he begins questioning his sexuality after he moves in with his gay step brother. This stor...
  • homophobic
  • sextoys
  • oneshot
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A Home For Timmy (boyxboy) by DoUbLeZone
A Home For Timmy (boyxboy)by DoUbLeZone
A work-related injury leaves special agent Michael O'Connolly forced to part ways with the FBI on an extended sick leave. He's been out of commission for weeks and is de...
  • family
  • wattys2018
  • child
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Picture Perfect by Camlaaarr
Picture Perfectby Cameron
Tyler had everything he'd always wanted, his picture-perfect life; the gorgeous husband, the amazing kid, the wonderful job and the beautiful home. Until his husband lef...
  • adoption
  • homosexual
  • romance
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Fool for You [Taekook]  by M_khan_
Fool for You [Taekook] by Meeza
Jeon Jungkook is an innocent guy who is deeply in love with his friend's brother Kim Taehyung.. "I was the one who loved you even though you gave me thousand reason...
  • boyxboy
  • btsboys
  • vkook
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A Vampire's Marine (boyxboy) by DoUbLeZone
A Vampire's Marine (boyxboy)by DoUbLeZone
When a master class vampire decides he wants a certain marine by his side then nothing; not even that marine's own hatred of what he is will stop him from making him his...
  • homosexual
  • soldier
  • bxb
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