Chapter 27: Love and Friendship.

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Chapter 27

~John’s POV~

I gave him thirty minutes of silence before I decided to say what was on my mind. During that time he’d been tense; holding the steering wheel in a death grip as we sped through the streets.

The news from earlier had left us stumped and as much as I’d love to get an explanation, the suspicion that maybe Riley wasn’t as innocent as we’d all thought couldn’t help but push through.

“Maybe we need to consider the fact that Riley may not be as innocent as he says.” I said into the silence and Nate took his eyes off the road for a second to take a good look at me, his gaze critical.

“Don’t start with the bullshit.”

I shook my head. “Why else wouldn’t he tell us the truth? He’s had all this time to say something and he’s kept his mouth shut. The kid’s hiding something and I think it’s gonna turn out to bigger than the both of us.

“You’re wrong, he’s innocent.”

I looked at him, brows furrowed. “You never were one make conclusions without all the facts. All I’m saying is that you need to consider the possibility and brace yourself for it.”

“I don’t need to consider anything, I know Riley and this is all just a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? Nate do you hear yourself? He changed his name. He was convicted of murdering his own father and never thought to tell us. He’s hiding something.”

He gritted his teeth and I felt the need to reach across and strangle him until he came to his senses.

“He has to have a good explanation for this.”

He took a sharp turn and the seatbelt bit into my neck.

“You’re fucking unbelievable.” I shook my head.

He was changing, right before my very eyes.

When he didn’t respond but kept his focus on the road my anger built. “You’ve always been the best for the job because of your ability to remain unbiased and logical, now you’re turning into a fucking sap.”

“No I’ve been good at what I do because I give it everything I’ve got and where the hell is this coming from anyway? You thought Riley was innocent just like the rest of us, that’s the reason you’re here-”

“No I ‘m here to keep your ass alive and that’s it. You think I’d risk my life, my career for your little fuck buddy? The kid could be playing us and I’m gonna get to the bottom of it even if I haf to shake it out of him.”

Another sharp turn before he shot me a murderous look.

“I’m handling this, you lay one hand on him and-”

“And what? Threats now Nate? That where it’s at between us?”

He gritted his teeth and took a breath. “I’ll handle Riley, I’m telling you he has to be innocent.”

I shook my head and consciously tried to calm down. “Like I said, we just need to consider the possibility that he might not be and if he isn’t we’ve got to decide what to do about it.”

A moment of silence passed before either of us spoke again.

“You’ve always been a cynical bastard” he muttered.

“Yeah and you were right there with me until you met that boy, now I can hardly even recognize you.”


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