Chapter 15: Breakdown

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Chapter 15

~Nathan’s POV~

The kid didn’t deserve this. He just couldn’t seem to catch a break and it was pissing me off. The entire situation was fucked up anyway. Within hours of finding hope it had all been shattered.

My main suspect was Jerry. Something just didn’t add up. Riley called the man and his potential savior turns up dead. I didn’t believe in coincidences.

I’d come into this thing fully prepared to carry out the mission. I’d agreed to the risks, I’d walked in fearless, I’d been confident and completely devoted. I’d wanted it. I’d wanted to be here, but now I wasn’t so sure.

Who would have thought that I’d come to care for my cell mate? and now I couldn’t seem to concentrate on much else. Now I just wanted to grab him and run, to take him away from all this because if it was one person who wasn’t meant for this place it was Riley.

I ran a hand through my hair and released a breath.

“Hey, focus Nate, the kid will be fine.” John said, thumping me on the shoulder. I looked over at my best friend of nine years and nodded.

“You’re right. How far along are we?”

“The guards should be escorting Eddie to the bay right now, which gives us half an hour to start the next phase.” I nodded.

“You guys know what you have to do.” I said. “I’ve got no more part in this until you guys do your part, oh and we’re gonna have to find another delivery boy. There’s no way Riley will be up for it now.” I continued and John agreed.

Despite the fact that he was smiling and laughing with the others after a night held in some room being questioned for hours on end, I knew he was hurting. We all knew.

“Kyle wants to be a part of the crew, maybe we should make this delivery his initiation.” I suggested and was surprised when John found a fault with it.

“No I don’t want him involved in this. He’s too flighty, too eager, he’ll screw it up.” He was quick to supply and I shook my head. Eyes narrowed.

“It’s a simple delivery, not even an idiot could mess that up. We’ll give him a shot and-”

“No, we leave him out of it. Find someone else.” He interrupted and I turned my full attention on him. He looked back at me, his mouth set in a stubborn line and his eyes trained on mine.

I sighed.

“And you’re lecturing me about focus.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he questioned suspiciously and I looked over at Kyle, who sat with Riley; talking a million miles a minute in an attempt to keep his friend entertained.

“You’ve got a thing for the kid.” I supplied and watched him bristle.

“Do you really want to bring another innocent person into this?’ he asked and my brows furrowed.

“Kyle is hardly innocent, do you remember where we are?”

“Hit and run is hardly anything to condemn him for.” He defended and I shook my head.

“You didn’t have a problem with Riley doing it and he’s completely innocent.”

“That’s because he’s already involved. I just don’t want to add anyone else into the mix. We’ll use one of our regulars.”

I shook my head. “It’s too risky to use them again, but we won’t need to make the delivery for a few days yet so we’ll figure it out.” I told him and satisfied with my answer, he pushed up from the seat and went to sit with the others.

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