Chapter 21: Through he trees.

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Chapter 21

~Riley’s POV~

Kyle’s shouts had died down a while back and all I could hear now were the pounding of his feet on the thick green terrain not far behind me. I darted through the woodland as fast as my feet could take me, not daring to look behind, not daring to slow my feet, not daring to stop. I wouldn’t be caught, I wouldn’t go back to that place. I slipped on mud and righted myself before I fell and continued on my way.

My heart was pounding and my breath was coming in quick gasps. I could even feel a stitch beginning to form in my side and I wasn’t more regretful that I hadn’t spent more time in the gym with the others, than I was in that moment. In the end, it wasn’t the books that would save my life, but the fitness of my body.

I clutched my side as I ran, branches whipping my body as I went. If I could just distance myself from the prison; that was the most significant thought that rushed through my mind.

Distance, that was all I needed and I’d be free. I didn’t allow myself to think on what would come next, or on what to do about Kyle who had been foolish enough to follow me, nor did I allow my thoughts to wander to Nate and what he was now doing back at the prison. I just ran. Freedom was the goal and I would be successful; I had to be.


~John’s POV~

The damn fool

Though I was beginning to wonder who the real fool was the longer I chased after the brat. I ducked under another lower hanging branch and by the time I spotted him I was fuming. He was sitting amongst the trees and the roots, trying to catch his breath and as soon as I approached, I grabbed hold of his collar, pulling him to his feet.

“Have you lost your fucking mind?” I demanded, shaking him for what it was worth until he went limp and had to clutch at my biceps to remain standing.

“Johnny?” he questioned with wide disbelieving eyes, then in a flash, he had his arms wrapped around my neck, body pressed against mine.

“Oh my god Johnny, I can’t believe you’re here!” he exclaimed and clutched tighter and for an instant I felt myself hugging him back before I pulled his arms from around me and pushed him away.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done? That’s years added to your sentence you fool!” I exploded.

He had the good sense to look remorseful, any other expression and I would have skinned him alive. “I know, I didn’t think I just had to get Riley and….” He trailed off as if considering something, then with furrowed brows he looked up at me and as I watched in annoyance, his expression gave way to realization and before long a large stupid looking smile spread across his face.

“You came after me!” he practically squealed and once again his arms were around my neck and he was squeezing as if for dear life.

“I knew you cared, I knew it, I’m so glad you’re here Johnny.” He whispered. I felt his hot breath against my neck and a shiver went through my body. I pushed him away again.

“Kyle, look at me.” I commanded and he did, but it was with that same goofy expression and it only served to anger me further. He wasn’t grasping the seriousness of the situation, he was standing before me, face lit with the biggest smile I’d ever seen him manage after he’d just escaped from prison.

“When they’ve taken stock of all the prisoners and they find out that you’re not there…which won’t be very long from now, they’ll hunt you down Kyle, your name, your face will be aired in every media house in the state and when they find you…which they will, you’ll be locked away for years…do you understand what I’m saying?” I spoke slowly if not harshly, trying to make him grasp the importance of my words and by the way the smile fell from his face and his eyes widened, it had clearly finally sunken in.

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