Cell Mates has been fully released on Wattpad (Bonus Chapter has been posted!)

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Hello All!

When I first published Cell Mates, I promised you that I would one day release the full book here on Wattpad for those who were willing to wait or those who were not in a position to purchase it. I'm here to make good on that promise!

Before I continue this announcement, I NEED to thank you all for your amazing support here on Wattpad throughout the years. You guys have helped to fuel my passion for writing and have taught me the importance of creativity. Without your comments, critiques and sweet messages, I promise you that I wouldn't have gotten this far in my writing journey.

I have to also give a special shout out to all those who purchased a copy of the book. One thing you don't know, is that you guys helped get me through law school. Yup, I KID YOU NOT. About 90% of the proceeds went into helping with either tuition, textbooks, lunch money or some school related event, so you can imagine just how absolutely grateful I was and still am for your interest in my work.

Now it's time for me to give back. All the chapters have now been released on wattpad!

But here's the best part! I have also posted a never before seen chapter which is available exclusively on Wattpad. So, for those of you who have read the entire book and have been missing our favorite couple, you will get to see them once again in the Bonus chapter!

It gets better!  I have finally continued posting chapters for Book 2 (Cell Mates; Dead Men Tell No Tales) which can be found on my Wattpad profile. Go ahead and add that to your reading lists and enjoy reading it.

Still want your own personal copy?

For those of you who are still interested in getting your own personal copy of Cell Mates. It is still available on the following online platforms:

Amazon – (ebook and hardcopy)


Barnes and Noble





Thanks for everything!

- Love, DoubleZone

Ps. For updates, sneak peeks and more, visit my Instagram: doublezone_books

For more about me and what I've been up to, check out my blog: pulledfromhercarriage.com (The blog link is available on my wattpad profile or you can simply copy and paste pulledfromhercarriage.com into your browser.)

Thanks for your support!

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