Chapter 37: Kelly

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                                      Chapter 37

~John’s POV~

“No Kyle we’re not there yet. It’ll be a forty-five minute drive at least.”

“Can’t wait till you guys get back here, I’m about to go out of my mind wondering what’s going on.” He said dramatically and I shook my head.

“Hopefully we’ll be back in a few hours, now can you put Simon on the phone?”

Ten minutes…I’d called Simon ten minutes ago and ever since Kyle had answered the call I still had yet to talk to the little nerd. I sighed, running a hand over my face.

“I told you…he’s in the shower, I’ll give it to him as soon as he gets out.”

“Just go in there and give it to him now.”

“So you’re comfortable with me gazing at Simon’s naked body?”

I chose not to answer.

 “Alright if you insist.” He sighed again and I fought the urge to roll my eyes.

“What do you want him for anyway? Thought you said everything was fine.” The devil continued.

“Just give him the phone.” I took a breath. If I kept this up the kid would give me an aneurism before my thirty-third birthday.

“I’m knocking, he’s the one taking forever to open the damn door.” He complained “By the way can you get me another magazine when you’re over there? I’m done with this one and I’m bo-”

“I’m here, what’s up?” Simon came on the line and I could clearly hear Kyle bitching in the background.

“There’s been a slight change of plans.  If we don’t get the information we need we’ll be taking the son back with us for questioning. Hopefully it’ll draw Kelly out of hiding, so I’ll need you to notify the captain as soon as I give you the okay.”

“What about Kyle and Riley?”

“Don’t mention them, this is just a precaution. We don’t know what kinda guys we’re dealing with here and there’s no telling what he’ll do once we take his son.”

There was a pause.

“You do realize that if you arrest him and it turns out he’s innocent we’ll have a lawsuit on our hands right? This is a closed case John.”

I nodded. “We’ll have to take that risk.”

Another pause, then, “Alright, but for all our sakes I hope the son of a bitch is guilty as sin.” He said and clicked off. I dropped the phone onto the seat beside me.

“Alright we’re set.”

Nate nodded.

Looking out the window at the passing scenery made it easier to think about something other than the upcoming confrontation. Like the fact that when this was over Kyle would still be in the hot seat and we had yet to come up with a solid plan to keep him out of prison.

The ideas we’d come up with were contingent upon the captain’s discretion and while nobody could dispute the fact that he was a fair man, I didn’t like the thought of putting Kyle’s life in anyone else’s hands.

I turned my face from the window, resting my head against the seat of our rental. I tried to imagine how it would go down if the kid did get thrown back into the slammer and I cringed. His mouth alone would get him killed.

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