Chapter 13: Cover..blown.

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Chapter 13

~Nathan’s POV~

 My cover was as good as blown.

I had been in some deep shit before but this took the cake…by far. I watched as the little coward of a man; Harrison, sat shaking in his little corner as I trained his gun on him. A coward with not a lick of sense.

“You really thought I’d let you fuck me?” I asked in disgust. I still found it a little hard to believe that a man like him could look at me and expect me to stoop to his level; it was grotesque.

I’d planned to get him to do as I wanted somehow, but I’d never imagined it would be so easy; The fool just stripped, dropping his clothes; gun and all onto the ground beside me.

I shook my head again. “You should have just taken the cash.” I told him then.

He still hadn’t said much in the short time we’d been in the small room but that was about to change.

“Now, this is what I need you to do.” I began and he glanced my way with narrowed eyes. “Put on your shit, go to the door and call out to the first guard you see, tell him to escort prisoner 266 back to his cell right away. Then you’re gonna close the door and grab a seat back in your little corner until I say otherwise, understood?”

He was quick to nod and I watched as he gathered his clothes and pulled them on clumsily, then he walked over to the door.

His hand froze on the nob when I spoke. “If you try to alert the guards or make any sudden movements I’ll kill you right where you stand.”

“If you kill me you’re a dead man; every guard in here will be on your ass like that.” He said with a snap of his stubby fingers and I scowled.

“Which simply means neither of us will get out of here alive.” It was a risk I was willing to take.

 From the moment I’d agreed to go with Harrison, I’d known it could possibly come down to this. If I didn’t die here, then there was a possibility my cover would be blown, but it had to be done; for Riley; who wouldn’t survive with his sanity intact if he was forced to remain in that little box they’d stuffed him into and for all the other inmates who had to deal with the likes of Harrison on a daily basis.

His  Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard and his hands shook slightly. I raised the weapon in line with his head and steadied my hand, watching him carefully as he opened the door slightly.

“Peterson!” he called out when he had the door cracked.

I heard a muffled response.

“Have Rogers release prisoner 266 from solitary, report back to me when it’s been done.” He issued and after another muffled response Harrison was closing the door. He glared at me for a second. His mouth tight and his nose flaring as he made his way back to his corner.

I lowered my weapon. I’d make my next move when I heard that Riley was free and safe in our cell. I sank onto the floor directly across from my prisoner, the gun still trained on him as I tried to figure out a way to get out of this mess.

I had Harrison’s phone nestled in hand and I looked down at the blank screen, trying to figure out how to proceed.

An idea came to mind. It was a good thing Harrison had already proven to be a fool.

I decided to get him riled. “You only think you’re so tough because you wear that uniform, but I bet you’ve never done one bad thing in your life. You’re just a little pansy aren’t you?” I asked, hoping he’d take the bait.

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