Chapter 6: More than just a delivery boy.

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Chapter 6

His eyes never strayed too far from me the next day. I could feel them with every step I took and I liked it. It comforted me to know that he was always watching; to know that he cared and though he tried to hide it I could sense his concern and it left a warm feeling in the pit of my stomach.

My nighttime emotional episode had long passed and I was somewhat back to my normal self. Later today I'd be meeting with Jerry which was always something to look forward to.

On top of that very exciting news-because in prison that was as exciting as it got- the guys in Nathan's crew had practically changed overnight. Well, all with the exception of John of course. They had taken to starting brief conversations with me and actually breaking out a little smile whenever I said something that warranted one.

I knew without asking that Nathan had had something to do with the attitude change but it was nice nonetheless to sit comfortably with the small group of guys and not feel as though I'd rather melt into the ground.

No one, not even John mentioned the fact that I was no longer doing deliveries and the stress I'd carried around with me over that issue lifted along with everything else.

No one seemed to be focused on deliveries today. They didn't offer a reason for the day off and I decided not to ask. I wanted absolutely nothing to interfere with the new change.

"Seriously though riley...when are you gonna tell us about your situation?" Eddie asked. He sounded amused but his eyes were dead serious.

"What situation?" I questioned in confusion.

By now everyone was tuned in to this particular conversation and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

"They reason you got in here. I heard it was murder, never pegged you for a'd it happen?" he continued and I sent a quick glance to Nathan, who as usual had his attention set on more important things going on in the yard.

I shook my head in response to Eddie's question and his eyes seemed to glint dangerously in the sunlight.

I was quick to speak up. "I don't wanna talk about it." I told him firmly and after about half a minute of staring me down he backed off even going as far as to offer me a cheeky smile that I didn't return. Instead I jumped down from the top bench and went to sit beside Nathan, gazing out at the yard as he did.

If the guys weren't going to believe me when I said I was innocent then there was no point in telling them how I got in and I knew for a fact that they wouldn't believe a word I said. Not for a second.

"You mind if I come to the gym with you guys during REC today?" I asked him.

He didn't turn to look at me. "There won't be REC today." He answered and I raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"What do you mean? We have REC every day."

"Not today. By then the entire prison will be on lockdown." He told me vaguely.

"Lockdown? But why?"

"Because there'll be a fight today" he said, looking at me now, "A huge one." He continued and when his gaze shifted back to the yard I spoke up.

"But how do you know?" I questioned. Eager for any information I could get at this point.

"I pay attention." Was all he said and from the tense set of his shoulders I knew it wasn't the best time to bother him with more questions. Instead I turned back to the yard, watching the different crews more closely than usual now as my palms got sweaty from the anxiety.

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