Chapter 38: Goodbye parade

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 Chapter 38

"Get down Get down Get down!" I shouted when James lifted his head to take a peek behind us, then I reached across and pulled his head down until he lay flat against the seat.

"Greyson, if we don't lose them in the next minute, we're dead men!" I shouted over to my partner who ignored my words as he focused on getting us out of harm's way.

"There's a warehouse a mile up, Simon and I did a bust there a few years back, if we can make it there, we can ditch the van and try to lay low till backup comes." Eddie explained.

"You want us to go to some abandoned warehouse in the middle of nowhere? I get that we're in a tough situation but think about what you're saying. There are three of us against at least eight of them and we're already almost out of ammo. We'll be sitting ducks if we go there."

Eddie shook his head then flinched when the van jerked again. "It's like a maze in there. We'll hide out and when they're searching for us, we pick them off one by one, it's our best option."

"Or they could burn the building down with us in it, save themselves some trouble." I countered as I searched for the damn cell phone.

"Then what do you suggest? Keep driving until they blow our heads off?"

 "We'll drive to the nearest police station, or go somewhere public, a mall, anywhere, I doubt they'll be dumb enough to make a move with so many witnesses."

Nate cursed, jamming on the breaks, allowing the car to slide smoothly around another bend, then he stepped on the gas and once again we were tearing down another street with minimal traffic.

We'd finally managed to put some distance between us and the assholes in the SUV's but I doubted we'd be able to keep them at bay for much longer.

"We can't risk the lives of innocent people on the off chance they're a little camera shy and the nearest... anything is miles away, we won't make it on the road that long." Eddie tried and failed to convince me.

"Will you two shut the fuck up so I can concentrate?" Nate yelled, his expression one of pissed determination.

I ducked my head under the seat again in search of the thing and came up empty.

Where was the damn phone when you needed it. Beside me the kid was a mess of tears and snot and I shook my head, it was his damn fault we were- something occurred to me then and I looked at him.

"Eddie throw out his phone!"


"The kid's phone, throw it out, it's how they found us, probably tracked his damn phone."

Eddie cursed and dug into his pocket before sailing the thing through the smashed window. "You're really a piece of work you know that kid?" he addressed James who was clearly lost  in a world of his own.

"Well at least this confirms one thing." Eddie continued, propping the gun on his lap and getting comfortable in his seat beside Nate as if we weren't being chased by a group of men trying desperately to fill us with bullets.

"What's that?"

"We've found Menza's killer."

I thought about it for second, "Yeah but why would Kelly send men after us like this. His kid could get killed the way they're going on."

Eddie shrugged "I never did understand the inner workings of a murderer's brain" then he turned his attention to Nate. "So where to?"

I felt the van dip, then a loud pop before the vehicle went out of control for a few seconds, swerving along the semi empty road as we went. I held on for dear life, managing to bump my head against the door a few times before Nate had it under control again, but by then our speed had been considerably reduced and I had no doubt the bastards would catch up with us in a heartbeat.

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