Chapter 33: Sick day.

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Chapter 33

~Riley’s POV~

I watched as he crossed the room and turned out the light and I burrowed deeper into the blankets as a shiver swept through me. I could feel the beginnings of a cold coming on and the tingling in my throat told me a sore throat was also in the cards.

I groaned and let my eyes drift closed. It was only when I felt the dip in the mattress beside me that I opened them again to see him getting under the covers. It was already past two in the morning and even though we’d stayed up more than half the night playing cards and learning as much as we could about each other, I still wasn’t feeling as tired as I knew I should be.

“So what’s the plan for later?”

Nate turned to me, his expression had long since gone unreadable and I was already missing his easy smile. “ I should be getting my hands on copies of the police interviews, if we don’t get any leads from there, we’ll need to go into town for a while; there’s only so much we can do from here.” He explained.


“Me and John.” He said with a finality that I knew I couldn’t sway, but the thought of having to stay here while they went out and solved my case for me still left a bad taste in my mouth.

“You sure you couldn’t use my help? and Kyle’s pretty useful too…we can stay hidden, just like we did when we first broke out.”

He shook his head, his gaze travelling to the ceiling. “Can’t risk that. John and I will handle it, you two just need to lay low until we find something that’ll help.”

I stifled a sigh, “How long do you think you’ll be gone?”

“As long as it takes.”

I shifted closer so that I was pressed against him “I don’t like the sound of this. If something happens to you guys how would we know?”

“We’ll check in at the end of every day and we’ll put something in place in case something happens, you guys will be safe.” His words weren’t reassuring in the least.

I went quiet then, processing his words before deciding to drop it all together. “You know, you’ve changed these past few weeks since we got out.” I whispered into the darkness and this time he shifted slightly and turned to face me once more.

The soft illumination the moon provided allowed me to see his eyes, which were fixed on mine.

“How so?”

I shrugged, “You just smile a lot more, and you talk more…you were different in prison.”

He seemed to think on my words. I sneezed; once twice, three times, then groaned, flipping onto my back with a sigh.

“Maybe I’m happier.”

I grinned. “That’s good…I like you this way.”

I trembled when I felt his fingers brush my forehead.

“You’ve got a fever.”

I shrugged. “I shouldn’t have jumped into that damn lake.”

He offered no further comment and my brows furrowed. “You okay? You’ve been kind a quiet since we put the cards away.”

“Yeah, just have a lot on my mind.”

This was the Nate I was used to; silent and brooding and I suppose more often than not this was the Nate I’d be getting.

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