Chapter 4: Beans

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Chapter 4

The month passed without much cause for concern. Life in prison had proven to be mundane at best; I woke up every morning, carried out my chores; an obligation placed on every inmate, had a crappy breakfast, enjoyed an hour in the yard, worked as the unpaid delivery boy for the crew, had a few minutes of REC period, ate a couple more times, then it was back in the cell with a cellie whose enthusiasm for conversation was just a little bit lacking.

My little jobs were going well at least. The position of glorified delivery boy wasn't anything to sweat over; I was in and out with the packages or notes as the case may be without so much as a hiccup yet Nathan watched every exchange with sharp eyes; focused and unwavering until the very moment I handed him whatever I'd received from the trade.

His watchfulness annoyed me because it was clear that even after a little over a month doing these jobs he still didn't trust me and this particular conclusion wasn't a hard one to come by either considering the fact that he didn't watch the exchange of any of the other members.

Speaking of the other members; other than the boss man himself; the only person who even bothered to acknowledge my presence was Eddie and even then, he was always cautious with whatever he told me; which wasn't much.

Their distrust made for uncomfortable yard time but I tried to shrug it off, telling myself that I hadn't been a part of the crew for very long and trust took time.

 I could only be thankful that Nathan-as I now called him- wasn't as closed off as he had been weeks before and while he wasn't exactly a social butterfly; he at least allowed me the opportunity to run my mouth and ramble on about inconsequential things while in his presence. I'd also noticed a change in his attitude toward me; the perfect example being an incident a few weeks back;


I'd just carried out one of his jobs and was lounging on a bench with the others when I spoke without really thinking.

"God what I wouldn't give for a bag of skittles." I sighed, then turned to Nathan and said jokingly; "What kinda information would it take for you to get me some?"

"Nah man, more like burger and fries, chocolate milkshake; the whole shebang." Eddie had said, his expression dreamy, then licked his lips for emphasis and I chuckled.

"You're trapped in this place for the rest of your life with thieves, killers and perverts and all you want is candy? Grow up boy." John; the bald headed douche bag spoke up then and damn if I didn't feel like a fool right then.

"The information it would take isn't something you have even a lick of chance getting your hands on anyway. So keep dreaming." One of the guys laughed and the others joined in.

Only Nathan remained quiet as usual, silently observing everything taking place in the yard, without so much as a glance in our direction. Which was why I was surprised when later that evening while I lay reading on my bunk; he entered the cell after his own visitations and dropped a bag of skittles right on the page I was about to turn before hopping up to his own bunk without uttering so much as a word to me.

I'd lain there for about a minute just staring silently at the bag then when I finally regained my senses, I'd pushed off my bed, climbed up two steps of his ladder and offered him some and just like that whatever shaky relationship I imagined we had moved up a level when he stretched out his hand; I poured out half and he sat up in bed, offering me a seat beside him where we munched on the sugary treats in silence. It had been... nice.

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