Chapter 21: Kidnapped

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Chapter 21

I looked into the guy's eyes. They aren't anything special I mentally thought. They were a dull shade of gray-blue and the only other thing in the orbs were his pupils. But the looks of eyes don't matter... I looked at his nose (his nose?!), average. Height; a tiny bit smaller than me. Hair, brown, skin color, pale. Yes, he wasn't anything special on the outside, but what about the inside, I wonder? I shook my head and asked myself in my head, what's wrong with you? Since when did you enjoy checking guys out?!

"Max, this is Rebecca. Rebecca, this is Max, and old friend of mine." He said. The dude, Max, scanned me up and down until he satisfied himself. When he was finished after a couple minutes awkward silence, he spoke

"Nice to meet you." He gave her a grin and she returned the favor with a weak smile.

"You too." I replied.

"Hey, Rebecca, do you want me to get you another beer?" I turned to Ryan and said,

"No, I'm fine. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't." Ryan frowned a little,

"Why not?"

"B-because-" I looked up into his irresistible eyes, looked down at the ground and sighed, "fine-uh." Like Chelsea. He gave me a hug and said,

"Be right back, Beck." and started walking towards the beverage table. I turned my attention back to Ryan's friend, Max, and said,

"Sooo, Max," I licked my dry lips and immediately wished I hadn't, "'You have any talents?" I realized how stupid that question was and mentally smacked my forehead. Max laughed softly and said,

"Hmm, well I like to play football." I nodded my head, "Would you like to know more about me?" He grinned. I gave him a questioning look and dragged,

"Nooooo....why?" He shrugged and replied,

"Just a suggestion. How about you tell me a little about yourself then?"

"Um, I'm good." He faked being hurt and said in a pouty voice,

"Something to do with me, isn't it?"

"N-no." His face went back to his regular boyish expression,

"Okay then tell me something then if it has nothing to do with me." I groaned and whined,

"Why is it so important?"

"Because it's not." I raised an eyebrow and said,

"That makes no sense whatsoever."

"Exactly. My point."

"Here's your drink, Beck." Ryan's voice came from behind me. Glad he was here and I didn't have to talk with his psycho anymore I turned around to face him. He held out a Blue Moon beer bottle and I gladly took it from his hand,

"So, when was I named Beck?" I questioned, smiling.

"You don't like it? If you want I want call you that anymor-" I cut him off,

"It's fine. I don't mind."

"Okay. I want you to meet another one of my friends. Hey Max, if you want you can come with us." His face lit up and he said,

"Sure." Like it was no problem.

Ryan led me through the crowd of around ninety people on the pool deck until we were on the opposite side of the pool.

"This is Roy." Ryan said, gesturing towards a boy with hair dyed gray with five piercings on his ear, two on an eyebrow, and one on his bottom lip. He had nice inviting blue eyes and brown eyebrows and a tattoo of a dragon curled around his arm protectively.

"Hey." He said slightly moving his head upwards, then moving it back into its regular position.

"Hey." I said softly.

"So," He paused, raking my body with his eyes, "What's your name?"


"She stutters a lot." Ryan commented. I scowled at him and he gave me a look that said, what did I do? I just rolled my eyes and told Roy,

"Nice to meet you."

"Not as much as it is to see you." He said smiling. Something about this guy does not feel right. "So, what are you doing tonight?"

"Hanging with them." I said, hand motioning towards Ryan and Max. Roy looked at them and I could see he disapproved. What a friend...

"So," He started, changing the subject, "have you tried a Blue Moon yet?"

"Yes." I replied waving the beer bottle in front of him.

"Hm. I haven't tried one of those yet tonight. Do you mind?" He asked, snatching the bottle from my hand before I could answer. I just stared at him with a somewhat-ticked expression on my face wondering, who does he think he is?! He chugged the little I had left down, and pressed his lips together once. He then started to repeatedly lick the places on the bottle where my mouth once was and said,

"Delicious, yes?" The right corner of his lips tugging upwards while he breathed deeply and stared deep into my eyes. Somehow I knew he wasn't talking about the drink.

"Sure, it is very nice." I said plastering a fake smile on my face and pretending to not know what he really meant.

"Mmm, have you seen the guest room yet?" He asked.


"Come then," He held out his hand, which had a skull ring on it, and when I didn't take it, he grabbed my arm and took me away from the two other boys.

"What are you doing!" I yelled angrily.

"Taking you to the guest room. You said you haven't been there."

"BECAUSE I HAVEN'T!" I screamed over the extremely loud music. He ignored me and stopped in front of a table full of drinks.

"What would you like?"

"LET GO OF ME!." He took two bottles of rum and shoved them in my hands.

"Drink." He demanded.


"Drink or I'll force you."

"No." I told him, crossing my free hand over my chest. Making a grunt of aggravation, he took a cloth and put it over my nose until I couldn't hold my breath any longer and breathed in.

My world started to tip dangerously more and more until I could only see Roy's satisfied face. Then, not even a millisecond later, I blacked out.

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