Chapter 10: Jonathin

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Chapter 10


", I mean, love you." He said struggling to finish. I rolled my eyes and replied sarcastically,

"No, it's not like you kissed me or anything, why would you do that?" We laughed.

We both laid down and I rested my head on his shoulder again. About five minutes later a familiar voice emanated from behind us,

"Hello, Rebecca. Where have you been?" I was paralyzed.

"H-h-hey Jonath-thin." I stuttered, neck like rock-hard cement.

"Who is this?" He spat.

Jonathin has brown hair and white skin. He has welcoming light brown eyes, and all the girls and the school like him. He's the quarterback and has abs, and always takes off his shirt at football practice to show-off for the girls. He's dated many popular girls, but one day he asked me out. We dated for months, and I was the one to call it off. It was two weeks before he dated another girl, which is a record for him. So yes, I'm his ex, and truth is, he never really seemed to get over me. But I'm wondering why he's here now...did he know I was out here? Was he looking for me?"

"This is... Niall." I said unsure if I should tell him or not. Now I could move my neck muscles, but I didn't want to see his face. Probably full of question and hints of anger and jealousy.

"Niall, eh? Niall who?" He grumbled. This time Niall answered,

"Horan, Niall Horan." He laughed silently, but made sure it was audible.

"Uh-ho! Really now? This is the Niall Horan? You mean the blondie from the band everyone is talking about? That is, except me..." He laughed again.

"Shut up, Jonathin. Why does it matter?" I asked grumpily. I could tell he was smiling. He reached down and curled my hair around his finger, and Niall slapped it away. Jonathin stood up,

"So....Niall Horan... if this really is you... what have you been doing all night?"

"Having fun, what about you? You seem like you have nothing better to do than mess around with people and their lives." Niall said calmly.

"Who said you were part of Rebecca's life?" He questioned with a hint of anger.

"I don't remember saying that." Niall answered.

"Stop playing 'smart' with me, kid." Jonathin roared with rage.

"I'm not trying to; you're the person who keeps assuming stuff." Niall said simply.


"What am I doing? I'm just sitting here talking to a maniac with anger problems."

"THAT'S IT!" He yelled. Jonathin lunged for Niall and right before he got to him, I got between them. Jonathin didn't see me, and thought I was Niall and started busting my face up. Pain filled my ribs, legs, everywhere. I hurt so much I wanted to die. I heard Niall scream,

"GET OFF HER YOU -" Those were the last words I heard from him before my world went black.

-------------------------------------------------------The Next Day-------------------------------------------------------------

"Beep, beep, beep, beep." Were the first sounds I picked up since the 'accident' with Jonathin. Then I started to hear unfamiliar female and male voices around me.

"Come in." A female said to someone.

"Is she alive?" A boys voice asked unsurely.

"Yes, we believe she's starting to get her senses back." She replied.

", thank-you ma'am" He said. I heard heavy footsteps near me. I was able to feel what was on my hand now... at least my blood is circulating.

"R-Rebecca..." He started. He was definitely not Niall.

"I- I'm sorry. I was," Oh, so this is Jonathin. Grrreaaat. "Was...well, wasn't aiming for you. I-," He took in a deep breath and cleared his throat, "I guess your friend was r-right. I d-do have a b-bit of an anger problem...I-I know you probably w-won't forgive me b-but, I wanted t-to tell you that I'm s-sorry." He took my hand and said,

"I-I will never forgive myself...s-say it, if you can. I'm a-a idiot...I'm a sp-spoiled, dumb, retarded, p-player idiot of a guy. Y-you d-don't deserve me... I-I know. But I- I love y-you." Now all my senses came back, including the pain that made me feel like an animal that was having a slow, terrible death. I had trouble breathing in out and started wheezing. I slowly lifted my hand and placed it on my ribs. I ached all over, I felt like I was going to throw up. My throat felt like it was on fire, my stomach like it was tied a million times, my brain throbbed in agony, and with every pump of blood my heart sent throughout my body just reminded me that I was still alive, unable to escape this pain. My lips were chapped, my mouth dry.

"Wah-t-ter." I managed to get out. I sounded like an alien. I don't know how, but Jonathin understood me and immediatly raced to the water fountain and filled a small cup with it. When he got back he said,

"Here." Holding it out for me to take. I wanted to grab it, and all I managed to do was move my hand a centimeter. I groaned as I did, it sent a rush of pain through my hand like I hit my 'funny bone'.

"O-or I can help you." He said softly and unsure.

"Can you lift your head or open your eyes?" He asked. I tried doing both and ended up groaning and having hot tears run down my face.

"Oh- sorry Rebecca. I just thought... never mind." He said sitting down on my bed- well, the hospital's bed, anyways- and putting a hand under my head. He slowly lifted my head off the pillow being sure that my condition, or state I was in didn't get any worse. He lifted the cup to my lips and I slowly opened my mouth, letting the cold, crisp water rush in. After I chugged down the water with much effort I felt a little better... in my mouth, that is.

"Jonathin..." I whispered, my voice worse than Melissa's by a million times.


"It-it's okay I guess az longgaz you don't dowit agen." I said, words slurred. He made a soft 'shhh' sound and answered,

"Thanks, just don't talk, 'kay Rebecca? We don't want you to loose your voice, either. You already are going through enough." I guess he was right, but what does it matter at this point?

After about five minutes of Jonathin rambling on about who knows what, I feel to sleep. A deep one, I was still alive, but all my systems shut off except my lungs, heart, and my brain somewhat. This is exactly what I needed, a break. Before I feel asleep, right before, I wondered what I looked like... a hideous monster probably.


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