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Leslie: She and Niall knew each other ever since they were five years old. A year before Niall became famous, he asked her out. Of course, she said yes. She was really nervous for their first date so she put some purple highlights in, put on a load of makeup (Red lipstick, a ton of light pink, eyeliner, ect.), wore trashy clothes, and even got a boob-jobO.o. When she got at the fancy restraunt, she saw Niall and felt her heart beat accelerate and walk over to him and sat down on the wooden polished seat. When he saw her, his eyes widened for a moment, and then went back to normal. He was surprised at what she had done to herself and didn't know that she was really beautiful, and she didn't need makeup to cover up. So he pretended that she didn't look the least abnormal. After that, he avoided her as much as he could without making it seem like he wanted to. When he stopped replying to her text messages and phone calls as much she thought she got the message that he wanted "a break". But truly, Niall was upset that she didn't know that before she was perfectly fine. Since he never officially broke up with her, she assumed they were still together.

Hannah: Roy's sister, but she is NOTHING like him.

Why did Niall kiss Leslie back?: He missed her excellent kissing. He doesn't have any feelings for her though.

What's Harry's deal?: He was jealous of Niall ever since he saw that she liked Niall because from the moment she met him, he thought that they were "meant to be". He also thought that he would take way better care of her than Niall ever would. When he saw the sadness in her eyes when Niall's old girlfriend was making out with him, he seized the oppurtunity to make her his. It backfired. When he figured out that she really wasn't into him, jealously, rage, and sadness came over him. So he hung out with another girl he thought was hot to make him feel better.

Kayla's Backstory: She was your everyday "goody-two-shoes" up until the 8th grade. Her parents divorced, and her father became a 24/7 drunkard. From then on she had to take care of him. She relied on her friends and made new ones. After a while, her old friends slowly distanced themselves from her, seeing that she was changing rapidly into a bad person. She died her hair black with flourescent blue and pink streaks. She got five peircings in one ear, and a bar in the other. She wore black clothes with a choker all the time and made her eyes transform into a raccoon's with the amazing thing called eyeliner; she had a bad attitude, cursed in every sentence that she said, and was always mad at something; she always blamed what she did on someone else, dated all the "popular" guys in the school, and made a whole lot of drama. When she was in her first year of highschool, all of her friends and 8th grade went to the other high school in town. She got better friends, but never lost the attitude. She stopped wearing black clothes all the time and as much makeup.

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