Chapter 2: Chelsea and her Dress

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Chapter 2

"Rebecca!" Mom called from Dad's office.

"What?" I yelled from across the house.

"Phone." She replied. With my eyes I quickly searched my living room, and I spotted one. I picked it up and pressed 'talk'.

"'Ello, mate, how may I help you?" I asked in a Australian accent.

"Heeeyyyy Becca! Guess what? My mom took me to Macy's yesterday and I found the most BEAUTIFUL dress there. Y'wanna know what it looks like?" She said excitedly. It was Chelsea. We've been friends from fourth grade and in the beginning of our friendship, for two years, we would constantly be and stop being friends. Thankfully we matured, and got along way better in sixth grade.

"Sure." I said trying my best to sound really interested. Truth is, she's always talking about something she just got. I'm always happy for her, because if she's happy I'm happy. I'll tell you one thing, though. Chelsea is DEFINATELY the person to talk to if you have nothing to do for the rest of the day because she can talk for hours. Also, sometimes if you have a problem she's one of the people you should go to. It depends, though.

"Okay, so it took like, forever for me to find the perfect dress. It is dark blue with black ribbon around the waist, and it's shorter in the front than the back for the end of the dress. Also, it's strapless, and it sparkles when I twirl in a circle. I also got these cool black strappy heels and they go really good with it. Do you want me to send you a pick of them?" She asked eagerly. I didn't really care because later I knew she'd describe it so much that I didn't need a picture to know what it looked like exactly.

"Sure. Sounds cool. Can't wait to see you in it!" I said adding a small giggle at the end.

"I know right? Seriously, it looks so good on me that you won't believe it." I could tell she was smiling on the other end. She cleared her throat and asked curiously, "So, Becca, 'you got anything for the prom?" I I smiled slightly.

"Yeah." I wasn't that excited about my outfit, it was the party I was more interested in.

"So, what does it look like?"

"It's teal, has one strap, it's kind of long I guess, It's tight around my body to but then again not really, and it came with a black belt. My shoes are black heels with a strap around my ankle. Not as elaborate as yours, though." I must've sounded depressed because Chelsea immediately said,

"Well I think that will look great on you."

"Thanks." I replied. I covered the phone with my hand for a moment and laughed. Chelsea is sweet, but when it comes to making up something really quick to say to make someone feel better, she says the obvious. For instance, she just said 'I'm sure it will look great on you'. Now think about that for a moment, why would someone buy a dress if it didn't look good on them? I laughed again. I heard a voice emerging from the phone so I took my hand off it. And apparently just in time, too.

"Bye Becca. See you at the prom tomorrow night."

"Bye." I said and we hung up at the same time. Funny thing about Chelsea is that she will NOT hang up until you say 'bye'. It's really weird, and it's kind of like a robot waiting for its next order.

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