Chapter 25: The Escape

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Chapter 25

Niall's POV

Niall frowned Does Rebecca like Harry? Why did she kiss him? Of course she likes him! Why else wouldn't she? He's got the looks and everything... But I do too... But her face always lit up with happiness when she saw ME not him. So did she like me before and now him? Why did she stop liking me then? I did nothing wro- Niall stopped his train of thought. Guilt and sorrow flowed through his body. She felt left out, awkward. Who else wouldn't? Just then Leslie barged through the hospital door, face glowing with happiness.

"Nialler!" Her voice rang, "I got you some food!" Niall groaned,

"I thought that was the nurse's job." Her nostrils flared,

"Shh, yeah but who knows what you guys will be up to!" She set a tray of food on the table beside me, then sat on the side of the white bed. The tray had fresh bread, and various assorted fruits surrounding it. Leslie sighed,

"So when will you be able to get out of this place." She glared at the room like it stole something from her.

"I don't know." Out of all times, she had to come here now. She's so annoying... I don't even know why I kissed that brat. I turned onto my side, feeling uncomfortable. She just pulled me back so I was facing the ceiling again.

"C'mon, you can't not know." She said nosily.

"Yes, I can. Try to not be as dumb as a rock." She gasped,

"Well I'm sor-ry that I'm such a rock!" She made a pretend sob and stormed out of the room. What a drama queen. Well, I successfully found one way to get rid of her...but for how long?

Niall breathed in deeply and closed his eyes.

"Yeah, tell that to your girlfriend, will 'ya?" Rebecca said from out of the blue. Niall felt his stomach squeeze itself.

"Rebecca, I'm sorry-" I started.

"For what? Not being able to explain why you kissed someone? You need to control yourself."

"I can-"

"Then explain." She cut in.

"I...I..." Her eyes narrowed,

"Exactly." She started to head for the door when I grabbed her arm.


"And why should I?" She asked grumpily, still not facing me.

"Because," I turned her forcefully and stared into her beautiful eyes, "it's gotta be you." (A/N see what I did there?) I bravely pressed her body to mine. She stared at me, her eyes full of confusion of what to do. I raised a hand and put the hairs in front of her face behind her ear. Looking at her perfectly-shaped lips I started to close in the space of our mouths until we were less than a centimeter apart. Surprisingly, she started kissing my mouth hungrily, wanting my love. I started doing the same, and little by little we would devour each other's faces. She was so her own way. I picked her up bridal style, and took her to my bedroom. She looked drunk a little and stared at me with want. I closed the open door behind me and set her in the middle of the room and examined her body. A beautiful dark dress hugged her hour glass-shaped figure perfectly, and her brown waves of hair made her that more attractive. She looked at me catiously as I walked slowly over to her and pressed my mouth to hers again. After two minutes of constant kissing, I murmured,

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay." She whispered, and started tugging at my pants. I smiled slightly reached to her back. I found a zipper at the top back of the dress and slowly tugged on it while I repeatedly asked her for an entrance to the rest of her mouth. She granted my access willingly. I was halfway down the length of where the zipper could go when she did. When I tasted her mouth, I pulled it down the rest of the way in a heart beat.

"Take it off." I said, lips still pressed to her. She groaned with happiness and let it slowly slide off her until it was on the floor. She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants hastily, pulling them down immeadiately afterwards. Happy she still loved me, I ripped off my own shirt.

We finally pulled away.

She breathed quickly taking in my body, stroking my chest. I looked at her undergarments and wanted them to disappear.

No. This is so wrong.

I suddenly woke up breathing violently. Just a dream. Never happened. But she still loves Harry.

I don't care. I'll get her back, and soon. I'll do whatever it takes.


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