Chapter 26: Veronica

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Chapter 26

"That's it," Leslie tried to say softly through her ever-going tears, "he hates me." Her blond hair stuck to her wet face, her eyes were red. She looked at some purple snapdragons (A cool flower) to her right. Beautiful, but different. She smiled weakly, corners of her lips trembling. That's me, she thought, or at least who I was. That's the person Niall loved. The old, caring you. She slowly started to wipe her face off with the back of her hand.

"Lezzi? Is that you?" A screechy chipmunk voice squealed. Leslie raised her eyes to see her best friend that she had to leave in Florida. She had long, straight light brown hair with blinding white streaks. Her pale face had a small nose, mysterious dark green eyes, and a ton of makeup caked onto her face.

"Stop that!" She demanded, "your eyeliner is running!" My smile wasn't sturdy; it collapsed after five seconds.

"Sorry,". I mumbled groggily. She made a weird noise in her throat and said,

"Whatever. All that matters is that I finally get to see you!" She smile brightly, left leg unconsciously kicking up a bit.

"I missed you Veronica,". I said, trying to hold back the tears. Her smile faded,

"Hey how come you're crying, anyways?"

"N-nothing." I stuttered.

"C'mon, no girl cries for no reason!" She said.

"It doesn't matter." I buried my damp face in my palms. I felt Veronica's presence next to me. I peeked through my fingers at her.

"Oh I get it," She laughs, "It's all an act. WOW I can't believe I fell for that! Dang it, Lezzie you should be an actress." Sometimes it's good to have friends who aren't that smart...

"You got me." I smiled weakly. She smiled with me.

"So whatcha doing here?"

"Uh, what are you doing here?" I asked attempting to avoid answering it."

"My grandpa is sick. He has cansire-I mean cancor- whatever he's not well." I smiled a little,



Rebecca's POV

I yawned and stretched my tense muscles,

"Mom make me some sandwiches." I ordered lazily, turning to my side. I cracked my eyes open a bit. Delicate green grass surrounded me with dew drops, making them sparkle. Wait, I don't have grass in my room! I sat up,

"Ow!" I yelped in pain, rubbing my forehead.

"Careful, there's a metal bar right there." I glared at Hannah,

"'Coulda told me that sooner." She shrugged and continued collecting flowers.

"What are those for?"

"A friend." She answered simply, determined not to get in to the details.

"Girl or boy." She turned to me,

"Girl?" She said like it was a no-brainer.

"Okay. So where are we?"


"Be more specific?" I offered.

"Georgia, obviously."

"Well I'm going to go back to sleep then."

"Fine with me. But Roy'll be here any second. And when that time comes, you will be all alone."

"Are you serious?" Her expression told me yes, "talk about possesive."

"Who me?"

"Yes you." I said sarcastically as I rolled my eyes. I got up from my position and started to gather flowers with her.

"Wait....'you hear that?" Her eyes darted around us.

"Hear what?"

"Shhh! I hear it, its right over there."


"There!" And she dug her boot into my sneaker, crushing my foot.

"Aghhh!" I screamed, "What the heck was that for?" She laughed.

"Roy would always fall for that one! Its how I get my revenge." She gave me a mischievous smile

"What did I do to earn that?" I put my hands on my hips.

"Nothing." I threw my hands up in the air.


Harry's POV

I started up my car and turned on the radio.

"You're insecure, dunno what for." Liam's voice rang through the speakers. I immediately switched the channel. I have to listen to that song enough.

Kayla came out of jthe wooden door and threw me a red Jell-o shot.

"Have fun." She told me. I caught it without a problem.

"Thanks." I said and threw her a smile.


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