Chapter 24: Hannah

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Chapter 24

It's been thirty minutes; where the heck is he?!  She scowled, he would take his time.  She turned her head towards Roy's wooden door due to her feeling someone's eyes on her.

"Hello?"  She whispered softly looking around the dimly lit living room.  The walls were white, there was a small TV and two really-cheap looking beige sofas.  Only two of the four corners had shadows hanging around.  She looked to her left,

"Roy?"  No answer.  WIthout any surprise, awkardness instead of fear washed over her.  Dying of impatience and knowing someone else was in the room, she stormed over to where she guessed the person to be.  She stuck her arm out, found flesh, grabbed it, and pulled the person out.

"Ow!"  A female voice yelled.

"What are you doing?"  Rebecca sneered.

"I could ask the same of you!"  She exclaimed.  She had long waves of black hair, extremely similar to Ray's, and had pale skin.  She was wearing a white tanktop and simple black shorts. 

"Well I'm sorry a dude kidnapped me!"  The girl's scared face was replaced with disgust. 

"So you're the new toy?" 

"Toy?"  She raised an eyebrow. 

"You don't understand?"  Rebecca took a moment to think and then figured it out what she meant.  She wanted to throw up. 

"No."  She answered shaking her head.  The girl quirked an eyebrow, "who are you anyways?"  Rebecca asked curiously.

"H-Hannah."  She hesitated.


"Hm.  Well, you better get out of here while you can, Rebecca.  Before Roy notices."  She warned.

"Uh, why?"  Her eyes widened for a second from memory,

"You don't want to know..." 

"Okay,"  Rebecca started, lengthening the "ay", "then how much time do I have?"

"Not much.  Around five minutes."


"Seriously."  Rebecca let out a moan of aggravation. 

"I'm going to cut you, okay?  I'll try to make sure it doesn't hurt."

"W-WHAT?!  NO, GET AWAY FROM ME!"  Rebecca screeched.  Hannah took a pocket knife out of her jean pocket.

"Stop!  Trust me, this isn't because I want to hurt you!"

"Really?  Explain to me how that's possible."

"A tracking a chip."

"Where?"  She motioned to her wrist.  Rebecca looked down and saw a it was puffy looking and there was a line of dried blood above it.

"But how could he ha-"  She picked up a familiar white square and showed it to me.

"Oh, and you might want to take this..."  She trailed of, putting a pill in my hand.  My eyes turned into the ones like in anime cartoons,

"H-he d-d-did th-hat?"  She frowned and nodded sadly.

"Sorry.  There was nothing I could do about it."

"I understand.  I mean even if you live here you wouldn't be able to do anything, right?"

"Yeah..."  Rebecca swallowed the pill feeling sick in the stomach. 

"Okay, give me your hand."  Rebecca bit her lower lip hating the fact that her flesh would be ripped open again with blood everywhere.  After thirty seconds Hannah said,

"C'mon we don't have much time!"  And grabbed her arm,  "I'll make it quick, promise."  Rebecca did a quick nod, still feeling a bit nervous.

She waited for second...two...three...fou-  Her counting was interrupted with the worst thing she was sure she'd ever feel.  Okay, not as bad as the time at the hospital but it was halfway there...which is a lot for a cut.  Hannah lifted the white square to Rebecca's face, and she gladly breathed in, wanting to forget the pain.


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