Chapter 27: Confusion

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Chapter 27

Rebecca's POV

"How much longer until we can have a break?" This was the first time in my life that I've ever been this tired.

"C'mon we've only been walking for half an hour."

"More like a mixture of everything." I complained.

"Well do you want to be Roy's personal love slave or what?"

"Uh no thank you I'm fine." Hannah smiled,

"Then pick up the pace."

* * *

Harry's POV

I looked at the text she had sent me and immeadiately went towards that direction.

* * *

Hannah's POV

I don't know where we are going. I am completely lost. Thankfully Rebecca hasn't found that out yet... I looked back at her, she was sore. Had she completely forgotten that Roy couldn't track her anymore since I took the chip out? I wonder if she has short-term memory loss... I looked to my right and saw an old dirt road. That has to lead to someone. I smiled and started to speed-walk in that direction.

"I see a road!" Rebecca said in a we-are-saved! tone of voice.

"Where?" I pretended not to know what she was talking about.

"We're walking right towards it!"

"Oh, now I see it. Hm, that wasn't there before... but yeah, Marge's house is to the right a bit." I don't know a single person named Marge but I hope she takes the bait.

"Who's Marge?"

"Old friend."

"How old?" I turned my head towards her and raised my eyebrow a bit. She pursed her lips a little and looked at the ground.

"Anyways we should be there in a bit."


I know this is like an ant-sized chapter but there wasn't much to write about


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