Chater 23: Kayla

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Chapter 23

Harry was in the middle of having a conversation with, what he thought, a hot blond with perfect wavy hair, gorgeous crystal blue eyes, with delicious pinkish-red lips godess-like model when his phone buzzed.  He checked it, Rebecca.  He immeadiately hit ignore and continued his phony conversation where he was lying... a lot.

" have any talents?"  She asked suggestively giving him a almost-irresistable look.

"Yeah."  She trailed her finger up his leg,

"What's that?"  She slightly titled her head to the side.

"I sing.  Actually, I'm in a band."  Her eyes lit up with curiosity.

"Really?  Which one?"

"One Direction." He stated.  She put on a smirk and suddenly wrapped her arms around his neck and hlaf giggled,

"'re my...favorite."  Pronouncing favorite: Favor-ut.  Harry touched her flawless skin.

"What's your name, babe?"  She didn't reply.  She just smiled and leaned closer only to start making out with him sensually.  Harry's phone buzzed again and a minute later he finally pulled away.

"Sorry..."  He started to mumble.

"Kayla."  She said giving him her name.

"Kayla.  Gotta take this."  She crossed her arms over her very revealing top.  Actually, it practically wasn't even a top.  More like a thin and small strip of light puple see-through cloth over her upper parts.  She wore a black skirt that fit tightly against her and revealed a little of her Victoria's Secret underwear. 

"Hey,"  He said looking at her with loving eyes and glancing down at her cleavage, "we'll get back to this."  He leaned forward, hand touching very high on her upper leg,  licked her lips and then gave her a little peck.  She opened her mouth expectantly only to find Harry staring at his phone, feelings flashing in his eyes.

"Hey babe," She started, slipping off her bar seat and onto Harry, "You want some more beer?"

"Not now."  Harry answered.  She made a pouty noise in her throat.  She turned away from him and started to rub her butt feircly against his part.  Harry breathed in, enjoying that she wanted him so badly and gave in,

"Fine, get me a beer.  And maybe."  He said answering her unasked question.  She squealed, got off him, placed her lips on his cheek and dragged them across his face as she walked away.  Crap, she is hot!  But I bet she has done "it" with other guys... He looked back at his phone.  It read,

I'm sorry.  He felt a pang of guilt.  Here he was hanging with a godess while she suffers.

"Harry?  There wasn't any more beer except for this one so we'll have to share."  Judging by the evil smirk plastered on her face, there was more.

"What's you number?"

"What?"  She obviously wasn't asked this question a lot and just left guys with a memory they really liked.

"You heard me."

"Um, what's yours?"  Harry rolled his eyes, knowing she wouldn't call but just sell the number.

"I want to call you."  Biting her bottom lip she said,

"(561) 237-9901"

"Thanks.  I will see you later Kayla."  She giggled and jumped on him in a innapropriate way.

"Okay.  See you tonight at my place?"  She was planning stuff already.

"No promises."  She frowned and stroked his cheek with her thumb.


"See you."  She smiled triumphantly and asked for another kiss by licking his lips in slow motion.

"Not now, hun."  She put her hand on his hair,




Another character introduced!  What do you think of Kayla?  Is she trouble? 

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