Chapter 12: One Direction

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Chapter 12

"Good morning sleepy head." A blonde boy said with a goofy smile on his face. I stretched, and feel off my bed.

"Ow!" I yelled while I got out of my uncomfortable position on the floor. I looked around the room.

"Hey Niall...why am I home? Did I r- why are you in my house?!" I questioned.

"You recovered enough to go home. The bruises on your face and everything are slowly starting to fade away, and the gashes on your legs are becoming scars."

"You're ignoring my question." I grumbled.

"No, I'm not. I gave you an answer." He said confused.

"Niall, why are you in my house, more importantly, my bedroom?" I asked again. He let out an uneasy laugh and his eyes trailed to the ground,

"Your mom let me in?" He said looking up now to see if his answer was good enough. I raised an eyebrow,

"Did she really?"

"Here, I'll help you up. By the way I told the boys where I was, and they're on their way. Also, nice posters." He said smiling and changing the subject. I blushed (The posters had One Direction on them), rolled my eyes and mumbled,

"Forget I even asked..." Once I got up he put his arm around me to help me walk when I said,

"I'm not crippled, y'know." He held his hands in front of him in surrender and let go of me. First step I took, I stumbled and face planted into the tile. What came out of my mouth didn't sound human.

"You okay?"Niall asked kneeling down beside me. I slowly turn my face at him to see his worried face turn into a sick face.

"I'll get you a napkin." He whispered. I touched my nose and examined my fingers. Rich, red blood. I could hear my heart beating, and with each pump more blood poured out, making it hard to breathe through my nose. The pain that was supposed to come immediately, finally came. I put my hand over my nose, as if it would make it stop hurting.

By the time Niall came back, blood was on my cheeks and I was breathing quickly through my mouth.

"I don't think a napkin is going to cover this..." He thought aloud.

"Y'think?" I replied. My voice sounded like I was holding my nose while talking.

"Mm, here." He said holding his hand out for me. I accepted and he pulled me up with ease. This time when he put his arm around me, I didn't argue. I'd have to deal... not that it was a bad thing, though. He lead me to the bathroom sink where he ordered,

"Wash your face, now." Him, telling me what to do in my- Well, my parents' house. For goodness sakes, he doesn't even live here!!!Still, I did as I was told, only looking at myself for a second to immediately look away in disgust. Bloody, ugly me.

When my face was all clean I looked at myself in the mirror. 'Better...' I thought. Still, my face was screwed up. I sighed and held back the tears that demanded to come out. Was I always going to be like this? For the rest of my life? When I looked to my left and saw Niall wasn't there. I looked to the right, no Niall. Where did that boy go? He could be anywhere...

"Rebecca, come downstairs for a moment." Mother called sweetly. I sighed and walked down to her.

"Hey, mom." I said giving her a warm smile. The first second she looked at me, I could tell she was 'grossed-out'. She quickly turned her face back to normal, but noticing my expression, she knew the damage was done. She hung her head a bit and said softly,

"Go sit on the brown couch and watch some TV, honey." I shrugged, left the kitchen and went into the living room. Right when I sat down five boys popped out from behind the TV and yelled,

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