Chapter 1: Bethany

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Chapter 1

Before, I was just an average girl, with average friends. No one really cared about who I was, or what I did. I was a nobody.

"Hey Rebecca, remember the time when-" Bethany started before bursting out laughing out of nowhere. I just smiled and rolled my eyes. We went through this every day. There was always something 'funny' I did in the past (or sometimes thirty seconds ago) that Bethany would always remind me of. A lot of times I would just laugh with her, just because. But after a while it gets annoying, especially when she's already said it a million times.

"Wh-when I was at your house and you-" She started laughing again, barely able to catch her breath.

"Is this so important that you have to remind me of it?"

"Yes, It is. Okay, so now as I was saying, remember the t-time when I was at your h-house and y-you were in the p-pool and you were swimming wh-when you hit y-your head on the cement floor?" Bethany said between laughs. I sigh,

"Yeah, what's so significant about it anyways? Okay, since you always do this to me I'm going to give you one of your 'remember the time's. Okay, remember the time when...when...when..." Bethany looked at me expectantly, "Never mind." I finished. It's really agitating when your best friend always has 'funny' stuff about you to talk about when you have nothing 'funny' about her to talk about. I guess she purposely makes sure I have nothing to say about her.

"So Rebecca, you doing anything this weekend?" Bethany asked. I thought for a moment then replied,

"No, why?"

"Oh, I was just thinking that I could go over to your house and we could do Just Dance 2, go on Facebook, do nails and stuff." I shrugged,

"Yeah you probably will be able to come over, no promises, though. My parents sometimes don't tell me what we're doing during the weekend. Either that or I just never listen." I give a small laugh. Me and Bethany have been best friends since the sixth grade, so we're pretty close. She's like the long-lost random sister I never had. I have two other sisters, Jenna, who is now in sixth grade, and Hannah, who is in her second year in college.

"Oh, Rebecca, guess what? Yesterday I-" Bethany was interrupted by one of her friends, Melissa. Ever since the last semester in the sixth grade she's hated me for no reason. She just decided to. She can be okay sometimes, but usually she doesn't speak to me. I don't like her because I just don't like people who hate people just because. I think that is being below retarded.

"Bethany, do you want to want to eat lunch with me tomorrow?" She asked in usual voice that sounded like she just got up from bed and she had a sore throat.

"Well can't you just sit with us now?" Bethany questioned. Her dyed blonde hair moved slightly when she shook her head.

"It's okay." She replied. With that, she stalked off to a table in the corner with her other weird friends.

"What's with her?" I asked making a face of disgust. Bethany didn't reply. I guess she didn't want to get into one of those arguments again where she says Melissa is awesome and where I say she's just a snot. Funny thing about Bethany is at one moment she can be really immature, the next second she's acting like the most serious person in the world. But that's what makes her Bethany, I guess.

After lunch I go to music where I play the cello, and then go back to the homeroom for an hour lesson of math. Abruptly, the principle's voice emerges from the speaker in our classroom.

"Teachers, students, this is just a reminder that our Prom is on Friday, which is tomorrow. Thank-you." Immediately all the people in the classroom started discussing what they were going to wear, look like, or what they should wear or look like. Our teacher, Mrs.Lesk, walked to the front of the classroom where the blackboards are

"Class, quiet down. You can discuss this after school." She stood there for a while, staring at us making sure we wouldn't open our mouths again, and then walked back to her desk.

I looked over at Bethany. She just smiled awkwardly and let out a faint giggle for no reason. I smiled faintly. I could tell she was already thinking about something I would do before, or during the prom that would become a part of her 'remember the time' list.

"RRRIIIIINNNGGG" The bell rung and everyone ran to their backpacks, and went out of the classroom.


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