Chapter 5: Meeting Niall Horan

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Chapter 5

Is this really important? I could be having the time of my life right now with my friends and here I am finding some stupid boy. But, then again, I did make him go head-first into the punch. I thought. The first place I decided to look was in the cafeteria. No luck. The hallways, no luck. Classrooms, no luck.

After looking in about fifty places I was about to give up. I was walking back to the the prom room when I saw a boy out the corner of my eye emerge from the boy's bathroom. I turned around. He stared at me for a second and then sprinted to forward and then to the right.

"WAIT! STOP!" I screamed, but it was no use. No matter what I said he wouldn't come back. I was going to have to chase him down. I looked down at my feet, heels. Yeah, I wasn't fit for running at all. I knew my feet were going to be filthy but I took of my shoes, anyways. With my shoes in one hand, I started running off in the direction I last saw him go.

If I were a boy that just saw the girl who got me soaked in a food-colored drink, where would I run? I stopped and looked at the ground for a moment and smiled. I know where he went. There were small red puddles leading down the hallway infront of me and through the double doors leading to outside. I followed them until they stopped abruptly. I turned my head to the right and to my left. No boy. I heard a faint sigh from up ahead. I crept down the hallway touching the bricks as I walked until I met the end of them. I peered to my left and saw him. His hair was pinkish and his face was stained red in some places.I slowly took two steps towards him and said softly,

"Hey...look I'm sorry about the punch thing... I didn't mean to and all but...look, I'm sorry." He unglued his eyes from the cement and looked up at me. His skin was pale, and his eyes were grayish bluish. He scanned me up and down and smiled faintly and whispered,

"It's okay." I didn't really know what to say next so I said,

"My name is Rebecca Brence." At this he opened his eyes his wide and looked around like some sort of monster was going to attack him in any second. He grabbed my hand, and pulled me over a bit.

"Is there anyone around here or with you?" I gave him a puzzled look and said,

"No....why?"He gave a sigh of relief.

"Good. My name is...Niall." He said cautiously. I eyed him suspiciously and said,

"Niall who?" He looked down at the ground again and muttered,

"Horan." I gasped a little and stopped myself. I cleared my throat and asked,

"You're kidding, right?" He shook his head. I smiled,

"Why are you here? Why aren't you at a hotel or going to some celebrity party? Where is Liam, Harry,Zayn, and Louis?"

"I just wanted to see what it was like to be treated like a normal person again, to not be swarmed by fans 24/7. And.....I don't know. They came with me to the party. They probably are somewhere dancing with random girls." I laughed. Most likely, I thought.

"So why did you go in the bathroom?" I questioned.

"Well, during the whole prom I was staying in the shadows making sure no one could see me. Because, of course," He looked up at me and gestured to his face, "I didn't exactly have the best 'disguise'."I scanned his face, he was wearing black shades, and he died his hair brown at the ends. Not a big difference and yes, it was a bad disguise.

"Yeah, y'know you could've died your hair green,  kept the shades, put on some tan powder on your face-" He shrugged and said,

"It would've been better than what I'm in right now..." Then it hit me,

"Niall! I just remembered, I have some face powder in my locker, but it's not very tan, but it's tan colored. So perhaps I could put that on your face?" He thought about it for a moment then said,

"Lead the way." I nodded, took his hand, and led him inside the building.

"Are we there yet?" He complained. I looked back at him and said,

"We haven't even walked for three minutes yet!" He grinned,

"Never mind..."

After walking for no more than thirty seconds I found my locker.

"Well are you going to open it?" Niall asked impatiently. I shot him a look and said,

"Don't be so pushy." He smiled again and said,

"Fine, whatever you say your highness." I rolled my eyes and turned my lock to the numbers:5073.

"Click!" the lock sounded when it opened. I let it drop into my hand so it wouldn't get damaged if it hit the ground. I swung the door open, and rummaged through my stuff untill I found the powder. I looked to my left for Niall and found no one. Then someone shoved me from behind and sent me to the floor. I got up brushed the dirt of my dress about to scream at him when he put hand his over my mouth. What emanated out of my mouth sounded unhuman. When I looked at him I saw a small smile form on his lips. I tore his hand of my face and half-whispered.

"Niall! What was that all about!" He just smiled wider and shook his head. Then from over his shoulder I saw a fake blonde girl turn the corner, jump up and down silently, point at Niall and run back to the prom room.

"Great..." I muttered. Niall gave me a puzzled look and said,

"What? What's wrong?" I snatched his hand,ran up the stair case, and drug him into an empty classroom.

"What's happening? Rebecca!" Niall said nervously.

"Shhh! Quiet!" I whispered. He pulled his arm out of my grip and rubbed it.

"Seriously, what's wrong?"

"You said you didn't want to be recgonized, right?" I asked. His face immeadiatly was full of dread.

"Yes?" He answered weakly.

"Well, one of the popular girls just saw you, and knew who you were. She ran back towards the prom room. If I had to guess, to tell people that you were here." I muttered. I turned the light off that illuminated the classroom and Niall sat down on the floor, face in hands. The last words I said to him were,

"Let's just hope they don't believe her."

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