Chapter 11: In the Hospital

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Chapter 11

No one can see me, no one can touch me. I cannot reply if someone speaks to me, I cannot hear a thing. I cannot I cannot feel, I cannot see. I'm nothing.

I felt a sudden rush of liquid go down my throat, and it tasted like vomit. My eyes flickered open to reveal doctors and nurses over me with medicine, ice, food, and other things for me.

"Hello, darling. You look great today." A doctor said. I assumed he was smiling but I couldn't tell because a blue mask was covering his face.

"'Ow 'ong was I asweep?" I asked groggily. I sounded like a little two year old that was just learning how to speak words. I meant to say 'How long was I asleep' though.

"Thirty-two hours," A nurse explained, "A day and eight hours." That long? I thought.

"What's happening?" I asked a little more seriously.

"We're fixing you up." Another nurse said.

"May I see myself?" I asked. The doctors and nurses looked at one another usurely and then one doctor took a hand-held mirror from a counter,

"Here you are." I closed my eyes as I accepted it and when the mirror was completely infront of my face I opened them. I'm....not Rebecca. Rebecca has nice, tan skin and a perfect face. This girl, me, has skin like a vampire's, and a scarred face with dried blood. She also has big red and purple bumps on her head, too. I looked down at my chest to see a humungus blue bandage wrapped around me. I looked at my legs to see puss, blood, and more blood. I burst out crying. This was a nightmare, no, not even. This was death's promise. My hair was a rat's nest, too but it doesn't matter. All that matters is I will never be the same AGAIN. I will be a total outcast looking like they love Halloween or are a zombie.

"I want my Mom!" I screamed with tears rushing down my face.

"No, she can't come in now-" A nurse started.

"GET HER IN HERE!" I yelled. Now my face was drenched.

"O-okay." She stuttered, rushing out of the room. A minute later she came in and behind her, my loving mother. She had a warm smile on her face until she saw me. The moment she laid eyes on me, she was horrified. Her eyes were opened wide, and her face then contained no color.

"M-my baby..." She whimpered, taking slow steps towards me. She touched my face and said weakly,

"I'm so sorry honey..."

"Rebec- Mom! Where's Rebecca?" My older sister asked barging into the room. She was as beautiful as ever, her long, soft brown hair shining in the light.

"H-here..." She managed to get out before a tear streamed down her face. My sister just shook her head trying not to believe it, but her face read 'Oh my gosh, what is this thing? It's, it's, it's... a MONSTER.' I cried even more now.

"S-sh-shhhh. It's ok-kay." Mom cooed, her voice cracking.

"No it's not okay. My...sister is a wreck. HOSPITAL PEOPLE! Do the absolute BEST you can to get her back to normal." And she ran out of the room. I knew she wanted to say more but I'm pretty sure she didn't because she couldn't bear to look at me anymore. 'Help me...' I mouthed to the doctors and nurses, unable to speak.

"Now, now, dearie, don't you go to sleep again. You have one more visitor. Mrs.Brence, if you would please step out of the room for a moment." A doctor said trying to be cheerful, but it was obvious he was faking it. My mom nodded and quickly walked out. The first thing I saw was blonde hair...

"If you could please evacuate, thank you for all you've done so far, she looks much better." He said, face to the ground. They immediately left. So if I look so much 'better' then what did I look like before? How would he know he's not even looking at me!

"Rebecca...I'm sorry I had an attitude with Jonathin..." He took five steps closer to me and the hospital bed.

"I'm sorry you had to get into this..." He added.

"I chose to." I replied. He walked the rest of the way over and sat down on my bed.

"If Jonathin never liked me, or cared about me it wouldn't have happened." He finally looked at my face, I looked at his eyes, they shouted, 'I'm sorry...I'm sorry' over and over again.

"Do you care about him?" He asked.

"Not really. But I'm not mad at him either because it would make my head throb even more or he's not worth it." I answered softly.

"I should be the one in this bed." He said.

"No, no one should."

"You're right, I guess. If you need anything tell me." He said and started to walk back to the door.

"Actually, Niall. I do need one thing." I answered.

"What is that?" He asked. I sighed,

"I've been needing this for a while. A hug." He smiled and walked over to me. He leant over and gave me a five-minute one. After he pulled away he kissed me on my cheek, told me 'Get better...' and left. 'This would be a good time to go to sleep' I thought to myself as I turned on my side. I took deep breaths for a minute through my nose and thought of nothing. I drifted off to sleep, again.


I know this chapter is kind of slow but you know, it's not like you can get fixed from a beating and getting pummeled in a day and feel unstoppable... (:


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