Chapter 14: In the Hospital...Again

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Chapter 14

"Hello darling," Cool, female voice said when my eyes flickered open, "are you ready to go?" I looked over to see the boys who weren't there.

"Who are you? Ready for what?" I asked tiredly. I didn't have time for their pranks. She frowned a little,

"I thought you knew, sweetie. I'm sorry."

"Can you please answer my questions?" I asked impatiently.

"My name is Carla Yele. I'm a nurse, and I will be giving you surgery tod-"

"WHAT?! WHERE?! WHY AM I IN HERE! WHO WAS IT, HARRY? NIALL? LIAM? LOUIS? ZAYN? I REALLY DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! SORRY BUT I HAVE TO GO!" I said angrily, attempting to get up. But the second I tried, I felt a sharp pain in my hip, just in time to see her take a needle out of me before I knocked out.

I woke up with a serious headache, and my face was numb all over.

"Good morning, Rebecca." A voice from my right said.

"How are you feeling?" Said another to my left. I groaned. What now?

"We got you a little something..." One of them said, placing something in my hand. There was a handle, and when I looked at it I knew exactly what it was; a mirror.

"Do I have to look at myself?" I said in a voice that sounded like Melissa's.

"Yep." That time it was Louis who replied. I raised it to my face, closing my eyes. When I opened them, I gave a sigh of relief. That nurse was a magic maker; my face was back to normal.

"Thank-you..." I whispered.

"Don't thank us, thank Carla. All we did was pay her."

"You guys really didn't have to..."

"But we did. It's in the past, let's live in the present." Zayn said smiling a little. I nodded slightly, agreeing with him.

"So...when do I get to leave?" I asked them.

"Uhhhh.... I'll go check." Liam said. A minute later, Carla came in the room,

"Hey, honey, how are you feeling?"

"Fine." I replied. I really didn't want to talk to her after she knocked me out without a warning but she did fix me...

"Good. Now, your friend here told me you wanted to know when you would be dismissed from the hospital, correct?" She was still smiling brightly,


"Okay, you will have to stay here for..." She looked down at her clipboard, "Two days."

"Two days? Why can't I leave now?" I guess it could be worse, though.

"In case something wrong happens, or there is a defect." She replied simply.

"Like what?" I asked cautiously.

"Don't worry about a thing pumpkin, everything will be fine." and she walked out the door.

"She uses a lot of the words you would call your kid...." Harry said, trailing off.

"She does." Niall agreed.

"So what are you guys going to do, while I'm here?" I wondered aloud.

"Check on you about five times a day, stay at the cookie hotel, and other typical things." Louis told me.


- Thirty minutes later after they left....

I was admiring my face with my new mirror when Carla walked in again.

"Hello Rebecca."


"So is your face still numb?" I lifted my hand and brushed it softly.

"No." I answered.

"Good, does your face hurt anywhere at all?"


"Okay, so how do you feel? Completely normal, weird, different, super-human?"

"Um...normal, I guess."

"Mhm." She said scribbling down what I said on her clipboard, "Well that will be all, sweetheart, get some rest."

"Thank you? Anyways, what time is it, anyways?" Carla's blonde short, curly hair bobbed as she turned he head. She smiled politely at me and said sweetly,

"11:02 P.M." After that, she turned on her stilettos and walked out of the room. But something was weird about this nurse, Carla. She seems nice, but there's something wrong about her, her face is perfect, and goddess-like. There is only a handful of people in the world who are like that.... that doesn't make her abnormal, though. Still...

For the first time, I really studied my surroundings. White. Everywhere. The walls, the floors, the seats, the bed, even the clothing the put on me when I was knocked out. What's with that? Can there at least be the color beige in here! The room was like a box to, a small one. Out of nowhere, I screamed, I needed to get out of this pin-sized room. I rolled off the bed, hitting the floor. I got up, ran out and went to my right. Ahead of me were the men's and women's restrooms. I just passed them when I heard a door open, and shoes walking out of the room. The sounds of them stopped abruptly and I heard,

"Miss Rebecca, where do you think you're going?" Great, Carla. Forget her; I'm not stopping until I get out of this building.

"Miss Rebecca?" Carla said raising her voice. When I kept running I heard her shoes again. Ha! Yeah, she's going to catch up to a girl with sneakers, yeah, not with those shoes! Finally, I saw two double doors I could see through. The exit! Only a couple steps closer.....

"Stop her! She's in a stage where she thinks she has a husband and, and, and he got run over! Please, help!" Carla said acting desperate.

It's right in front of my hands.....once they touched I pushed as hard as I could causing the door to swing open. I took in a deep breath of air, and stopped right in front of the road. Crap. I don't know how the boys got here.......................... Great, just great. I heard commotion from behind me and people yelling so I took a left and kept going.


Yeah, I know it's kind of stupid, if not boring...... but at least it's off hold now....:/


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