Chapter 15: The Call

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Chapter 15

"Come on, we're almost there..." I told myself for the tenth time in a row. The question was, though, where am I going? I was starting to slow down because my legs were almost done. I had to push myself to keep going, and my technique was starting to become unusable. My steady breaths turned into desperate pants, all because my throat was closing up. Must....not...stop....running.... I heard laughing to my left and attempted to move my head to see who was, only to find my neck solid as cement. My vision started to go blurry and my stomach burned like crazy, where am I to go? that it? Probably just dehydrated, right? Righ...... I could no longer see, nor think, but I could feel. I wish I couldn't though; I didn't want to feel my body slam onto the ground.


The first sense that came back, though it was only gone for five minutes, was feeling. The first thing I felt was cold air around me. Second thing I felt was the sweat everywhere on my body. Abruptly, I could think more clearly, and could open my eyes again, but I decided to keep them closed. Water! That was what I needed right? I surge of pain bounced around in my skull, causing me to have a major headache. My stomach asked for food and tried to make me give it some by pushing the remains it had up my throat. When I finally opened my eyes I saw Niall looking down at me and smiling weakly.

"Hey Rebecca."

"Hey." I whispered.

"Your, um, mom called." Niall told me.

"What did she say?"

"Nothing, she told me to let you know and for you to call her back as soon as possible." I nodded my head and slowly put out my hand for him to drop my phone in. Why would he have it, anyways? Whatever, never mind that. I sat there with my arm out for about a minute before I asked,

"Are you going to give me my phone?"

"I don't have it."

"Then how did you answer it?" I questioned.

"I picked it up, and flipped open your phone." I rolled my eyes and asked,

"Where was it?"

"On the counter."

"Why? I didn't put it there."

"Don't ask me, I just heard it ringing, and found it." I groaned at thinking of what they could've done, probably prank-called my friends or something.

"Well," I took in a deep breath, "can you at least find it for me?" He just stood there expectantly. I finally rolled my eyes, smiled a little and said,

"Please?" Almost immediately he went looking for it, like what I said a minute ago finally registered into his brain.

After a while he came back with it, and it looked as good as new. I flipped it open dialed my mom's number and pressed 'talk'. It rung several times before someone finally picked up.

"Hello, this is the Brence residents who is this?" A familiar voice asked. Dad!

"Hey dad, it's me, Rebecca. How's mom? She called me earlier."

"She's in the hospital..." he started to trail off.

"What? How?" I asked desperately. No, this was NOT happening! Me being in the hospital is one thing, her on the other hand, is a completely different story. Younger people heal faster - not that she's old or anything but she hates hospitals, and when I say hate, I mean hate. Every single family member of hers that got hurt and went to the hospital lost their lives because they failed to save them. Grandma, I remember the day she died....

A little girl with short brown hair with bangs clutched her mother's hand as she asked,

"Mommy, is she going to be okay?"

"I hope so." her voice sounded like someone was choking her. Her face was completely pale and drenched from her tears. They were both standing by the hospital bed where an old, but pretty lady lay. She was on life support and had tubes cascading down from her nostrils so she could breathe. Her hair was mostly gray, but a few strands of her hair had the color of light brown. Her head slowly turned to the two of them and she slowly said in a happy voice with a hint of sadness,

"Hello Rebecca, aren't you looking just gorgeous today?" The little girl giggled and walked forward to give her grandmother a hug only to have her mother's firm grip keeping her immobile.

"Mom-my!" The little girl whined.

"Be quiet. Your grandmother isn't well right now, it's best if we just leave." Her voice was harsh and quick, determined to keep her daughter silent.

"But Gramma, Mommy! She's hurt!" She wailed, tears forming at the sides of her eyeballs.

"Only for three more minutes, then you will tell her goodbye. Understand?" She raised her eyebrow as she glared down at her with her glassy eyes. It's not that she didn't love her Mom, but I think it was the fact that she couldn't bear to see her mother suffer and have nothing to do about it.

"I love you honey, always." The lady said slowly to both of them, coughing hard afterwards.

"Mom!" The mother said, letting go of her daughter's hand to hold her own mother's in both of hers. "Please! please don't leave! Stay with me, don't go! I love you! I need your help, help to lead me in the right direction! M-mom." The little girl just stared at their locked hands, seeing her Gramma weaken quickly. "Mom! Mom!MOM!!!!!!" The lady screamed, with new tears forming per second and speeding down her cheeks and onto the tile floor. At that very moment I knew she was gone. Gone forever. No more Gramma. No more Gramma for holidays, birthdays, after vacations, or just for no reason. My world took a dramatic turn that day, and I tried my best to feel happy for others, not be selfish, make people feel better, and live life to its fullest.

 "Rebecca? Honey? 'You there?"

"Y-yeah, hey I've got to go.... Love you Dad."

"Love you too, sweetheart." He replied.

"Bye." I said, and closed the phone. I opened my eyes to see a deserted room. Where's Niall?

"NIALL!" I screamed as loud as I could. No answer.

"NIALL!" I yelled again. This time the only answer was angry shouts from the people in the rooms around me like, "BE QUIET!" or, "I'M TRYIN' TO TAKE A NAP HERE!!!!" I guess I wasn't thinking about them...still, he was right here a couple seconds ago....

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