Chapter 20: The Uninvited

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Chapter 20

Harry took my hand before he grabbed the doorknob and swung the wooden polished door open, letting a rush of deafening music clog up all my senses of hearing.  The moment I set foot on the tile floor I felt the music's vibration through it.  The bass was cranked up extremely loud and I could already see quite a few drunk people.  Others were either starting to get drunk, just drinking a bit of beer, or not drinking any alcohol at all.  Almost all the girls were wearing stillettos', but some wore strappy sandals.  A majority of the girls had dresses almost as short as you could get them.  In fact, all the girls are wearing dresses, just different styles.  Some show of their whole back, some are long and hug their body, some are WAY too "showy", and, well, let's not get into the details.  Now the guys are a different story.  Some are wearing tuxedos, others just a white tank top and swimwear pants, and maybe one or two wore regular clothes that they would wear to school.  I felt a rush of "awkwardness" come over me.  I was the only person who wasn't dressed up for this kind of party.  All I have on is a raggedy T-shirt, black shorts, and white sneakers.

"Hey, Harr-" I started as I turned around.  I stopped talking when I didn't see him.  Not wanting to scream his name and attract attention, I decided to look for him.  Here are my guesses as to where he is: A, with some chic wearing an innappropriate outfit, B, getting drunk, or C, hiding and trying to scare me.  Hmm, let's see which one is the most obvious...oh, I don't know, A?  So I started to walk around all the girls, brunettes, blonds, red-heads, girls with highlights, girls with purple hair - wait, PURPLE HAIR?  Why the heck would they w- Y'know what, whatever.  That's their problem that they look like a freak show. 

Once I had searched nearly the whole house, I decided to check out the porch.  Once I looked through the glass sliding doors I instantaneously saw where all the rowdy music was emanating from.  Two humungous boom-boxes.  I took in a deep breath as I mentally told my ears I was sorry and opened the doors.  Once the first beat of the music came to my ears, I unconsciously put my hands over them.  After around five minutes a guy said,

"Hey, are you going to move or not? I've been standing here for like, two minutes." I blushed as I got out of the way and looked into the guy's face.  He had gentle blue eyes with grey and green specks, he had gotten a nice tan, he had brown hair, and he was very muscular.  I studied his face some more and saw he had regular-sized lips, a perfect nose, and his jawbones were defined quite nicely.  Strangely I felt like all the blood in my body rushed into my head, and I was sure my heart was beating one thousand beats per minute.

"Hey you're kinda..." I zoned out after he had said those first three deep, welcoming words and went into my own world. "Wow," I thought to myself, "He's even cuter than Ni-" My thoughts were interrupted by a certain curly-haired boy saying sternly in an intimidating voice,

"Back off." I snapped back to reality and saw him rise up his hands in defeat.  But before he went out the door he gave me a quick wink and I felt more blush rise to my face again.

"Hey, snap out of it!" Harry said angrily, turning me around to face him.

"Sorry! Geez, I'm not the one getting lost and being a pain!"

"Well at least I'm not the one whose face looks like magma!" He roared.

"Y'know what, Harry, I'm not going to hang out with a person who doesn't want to have fun. Now let go!" I told him.

"Excuse me? Coming from you? HA! You were the one who didn't even want to come here in the first place!" He laughed.  I finally got out of his death-grip and hissed,

"Goodbye Harry. Now please, don't mind me.  I'm going to talk to that guy over there who actually wants to associate with me and not leave me for other chicks!"  I stormed out of the house and onto the porch and ended up running into another person.

"Watch where you're going, loser."  A female snarled at me.

"Sorry, your highness."  I said sarcastically.  The brunette flipped her hair over her shoulder and said,

"What-ever!" and left my presence.  Shaking that moment off, I made my way towards the mystery guy.  When I got to him I opened my mouth and surprisingly I could talk to him.

"Hey, um, I was wondering, 'You wanna hang?"  He looked at me with a somewhat-surprised expression.

"Uh, sure, just what happened to that dude you were with?"

"He was being a jerk." I answered simply.

"Oh, okay.  Sorry we weren't properly introduced.  My name's Ryan.  What about you?"

"My name" Crap!  I forgot my own name!  I'm such a retard... after two more "is'" I remembered, "Rebecca.  Sorry." A small smile formed on his lips,

"It's fine." A smile of relief showed on my lips and he asked, "Hey, you want something to drink?"

"Uh, sure!" I said delightfully.  Such a gentleman...the complete opposite of Harry.  Speaking of Harry, I wonder if he is still standing there dumbstruck at the sliding doors...I laughed at the image of it.  But probably not, he's smarter than that, I think.  Just to see for myself, I turned around and looked in that direction.  Nope, gone.  Then I looked around the pool deck.  He's not there either.  He must be inside with some girl.  Eh, who cares.  It's not like I "like" him anyways.  But he thinks I then he's probably the one with the smile on his face, thinking I'll come back to him.  In his dreams. 

"One for you."  He said grinning, handing the beer to me.  I gladly accepted the beverage.

"Thank you." I said smiling sweetly.

"'Welcome.  Anyways, Rebecca, what do you want to do?"

"How about," I paused in thought, "we get to know each other a little better?"  I suggested.  If I'm going to be around this guy, I at least want to know a little about him.

"Fine with me.  You go first."

", I live in Florida, I have two best friends, Bethany and Chelsea.  The rest of my friends I don't talk to as much but I still talk to them.  I have one enemy, I'm in my fourth year of High School, and I LOVE ribs." I finished.

"Well, that's one thing we have in common!  So you're out of state?  Are you an old friend of Jennifer?"

"Back to the subject, Ryan." I teased.

"Right. I live here, in Georgia, I'm basically friends with everyone, I don't know if I have any enemies, I try not to make any.  I'm in my fourth also, and my favorite food is black olives.  Another thing is I'm really into brunettes."  He raised his eyebrows twice quickly and gave me a flawless smile.  I blushed and thought about the last thing he told me, why was that important, I mean, who cares?  It's not like I'm a- oh. WOW, I'm slow.

"So now since I have fulfilled your request, may you fulfill mine?" He said in a British accent.

"And what might that be, my dear?" I said mocking the accent.  He laughed a little and then went back to his regular voice,

"To meet my friends, come to my school with me, and dance with me." I raised an eyebrow and said,

"I'm pretty that is more than one request. 

"Oh, c'mon, Rebecca!  It's not that bad!" This time when he smiled at me, it was different, it made my whole body scream, "I LOVE HIM!" and made me weak at the knees.  Thankfully, he wrapped his arm around my waist (glad that I had support to stand up), and started to walk around the pool deck.

"Here we go," He mumbled, "'First person I'd like you to meet is my friend here, Max."


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