The Message - Chapter 2

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Y/N: What?!! No way! I used to love watching her video before I started my channel! T-This is not happening.

I just stand there staring at the phone trying to process what is going on. I decide to click on the tweet first to see what is up. As I click on the tweet it says "Hey C/N, can you please check your dm please? Wanted to ask you something, thanks ❤️" I click on the dm from shelby, immediately I see the words SMP and get excited. "hey C/N, I will be continuing a series of mine soon, I was wondering if you wanted to join? A lot of my viewers have recommended you, and I have seen some of your videos and you seem really cool. The series is the avenue smp season 2 and I would love it if you could join! If not I understand, welcome to LA by the way! We should meet up at some point if you want. Anyways hope to talk to you soon, cya! ❤️"

Y/N: No way! Oh my gosh! Shelby wants me to join the avenue smp! I used to love that series, so many youtubers I looked up to were part of it. Ok I need to respond

-Phone Messages-
Y/N: Hey shelby! I would love to join your series, I used to love watching the first season. Also, I want to just settle in first before I meet up with people
Shelby: awesome! I will send you more details soon, I'll also add you to the discord server. By the way don't worry about meeting up, there's no rush

I was so relieved she said that last part. I've never really shown my face before to anyone, I'm too anxious and don't know how to fully approach new people. To be honest, I don't know if I'll ever be ready. We swap all our details and I was added to the discord server.

-Phone Messages-
Shelby: I will be adding more people later, just wanted to wait for for responses and get the server sorted.
Y/N: yeah I understand that, will ttyl Shelby, just going to get some food sorted and get some rest. I still need to get used to this time zone lol
Shelby: lol ok, cya C/N
Y/N: you can call me Y/N by the way
Shelby: oh ok, nice talking to you Y/N
Y/N: you too, bye ❤️
Shelby: bye! ❤️

I started to feel light headed. That was the last thing I was expecting to happen today. This was like a dream of mine when I started my channel. How did I mange to get this far? I tried to forget about it all and eat some food, it was about 2am for me at home and had a long journey.

After Y/N ate she went to bed and had a long sleep. When she woke up the next morning she hears her phone buzz. As she looked over she sees a DM from Shelby on discord

-Discord Messages-
Shelby: Hey Y/N we are doing a clip to introduce the series if you want to join in an hour?
Y/N: sure sounds fun! Is anyone else joining?
Shelby: yeah, there's me, and a few others from season 1 so Graser, will well Kiingtong, parker and Liam um HBomb sorry

I wanted to scream, I used to watch all their videos. I didn't want to fan girl, I mean I don't watch them anymore. I wouldn't even consider myself a fan anymore, I just support them in the background really. Except, when I heard Liam's name I felt chills. I watched his videos religiously, I watched his videos that much he became familiar with my name when ever I joined a stream. Again I needed to remain cool

- Discord Messages -
Y/N: that sounds great! Looking forward to it
Shelby: same here. By the way, you said you used to watch the avenue season one right?
Y/N: um yeah? Why?
Shelby: did you know us all then? Well Parker was barely in it but still
Y/N: yeah I did, haven't watched them for ages though, I barely get to watch videos in general now with work
Shelby: I know how you feel, but that's cool how you used to watch our vids
Y/N: lol having second thoughts now? Now that you know I was a fan
Shelby: haha no not at all, you are a youtuber too now and you do seem to be a really cool person from what I've seen. Plus I would disappoint too many viewers lol
Y/N: lol can't have that but honestly same to you
Shelby: thanks I appreciate it a lot. I'll message you when we're ready
Y/N: ok cya Shelby! ❤️
Shelby: bye Y/N! ❤️

It has nearly been an hour, you have set up your recording stuff and are ready to record. Since you have some time, you decide to do your own private intro to tell everyone you have arrived and that you are looking forward to the new series. Once you finished Shelby messages you to say that everyone is ready.

I am so nervous. I'm just socially awkward in general. So this is going to be really awkward for me. They're all going to think I'm weird. Plus they all know each other. So, I'm just not going to fit in at all. Ugh why am I such a weirdo. I take a deep breath and join the call.

Shelby: Y/N!!!
Y/N: Hey Shelby!
Graser: Hey, are you C/N?
Y/N: yeah but everyone calls me Y/N
Will: nice to meet you Y/N
Y/N: you too!
Parker: Shelby said you already know who we are haha
Y/N: oh um yeah, I watched you all before I started my channel
Parker: oh sweet
Will: Liam should be joining soon

Suddenly there is another voice in the background. It's Liam

Graser: speak of the handsome devil
Liam: ... thanks graser haha
Graser: aha! The complimenter returns
Liam: oh god no haha
All: haha
Liam: oh my god!
Will: what?
Liam: C/N?!
Y/N: ...hey Liam
Liam: no way! You used to join my streams all the time.
Y/N: haha yeah I did
Liam: how you doing?
Y/N: well I just moved to LA yesterday, you?
Liam: wait really?!
Y/N: yeah
Shelby: Liam I told you this yesterday
Liam: yeah but I didn't realise it was C/N, you told me it was someone named Y/N I didn't realise who that was
Parker: haha obviously don't know your old fan well enough then
Liam: shut up Parker
Shelby: anyways can we get this intro started?
Y/N: yes lets do it

Everyone does a skit for the intro to kick of the new season. Shelby looks around spawn for people and Liam, Graser, and Will are sitting on the street. Shelby goes up to them asking questions. Then Parker comes on. Everyone makes a joke about them thinking he died. Next Y/N comes onto the seen asking what they were doing in her city. She explains how she found the city as Shelby was about to enter the city therefore it was hers.

-Author Note-
Hope you enjoyed this chapter, sorry for rambling on a bit, it's late and I wanted to write. Will make sure things get more interesting soon. :3

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