No car, no phone. No clothes?!

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I waited impatiently at Big Marvel's car. I had ran down the street to his car and he was far behind me. What? I am going to J-Hope's party wouldn't you run too?

"Finally!" I exaggerated as I saw the car owner plodding down the street.

"Hey, I'm sorry I didn't sprint here." He slapped himself. Seriously I am yet to get over that.

"Just hurry!"

After jamming out to some tunes in the car I looked out the window to see a massive house, and obviously, what seemed to be a party.

"We're here!" He smiled.


He got out the car and opened my door for me. I got out and we walked side by side over to the door.

I knocked sheepishly on the door. And no one answered. Then Big Marvel knock on the door hard causing J-Hope to open the oak door and invite us in.

"Big Marvel! Ay!" They bro hugged and I sunk down, suddenly so nervous.

"This is my neighbor Y/n." He grinned proudly.

"Nice to meet you." He offered a high-five, and I gladly accepted.

"Pleasures mine."

"If you guys want to go in and get some drinks and have dance I'll see you in there."

The music was loud and there was chatting and drinks everywhere I looked.

"Come on." Big Marvel gestured into the crowd and I grabbed his hand afraid to get lost at such a big party. He seemed to know most of the people here and I recognized a few of them, but only from TV!

"Hey don't worry you're not gonna get lost!" He patted my head but I pouted angrily and stood by his side.

"What would you like to drink?" A woman asked us.

"Lemonade please."

"No alcohol."

"No thanks, I'm driving." I said knowing Big Marvel might forget he drove here.

I got handed my drink and we walked over to the dance floor.

Big Marvel dragged me into the middle and began to do his signature dance of waving his hands round in a circle manically.

I laughed embarrassment at my friend dancing like a crazy person. At least this time it wasn't in the middle of the street .

I just stood awkwardly on the dance floor surrounded by lights. I shuffled my feet.

"Dance with me Y/n!" Big Marvel pleaded. "You're boring."

The music stopped because someone was making a request.

"Guess I can't dance then." I smirked in triumph.

Suddenly Shine by Pentagon was blasting out the speakers.

Guess I spoke to soon?

"Come on! I know you know this dance so you can't escape!!"

"Fine." I whispered trying to hide my smile.

"Sorry I can't hear you?" He teased.

"I said FINE!" I grunted, not letting him know that, I did know the dance, and really wanted to dance along.

"NOBODY'S LIKE YOU!" Everyone sang in chorus while they got ready to dance.

neoreul saranghaneun jjijiri jjijiri
geurae naneun meojeori meojeori
nan neohanteneun geomeori geotjeori

We started doing the 'hammer dance' and 'shooting', and I was laughing so hard I looked a bit like a maniac.

Baby I’m only yours oh oh oh
I’m only yours oh oh no
nananannannanan gyeolguge nan
nan sarang apeseon neul jjijiri

In my head I was only thinking of the dance count but I could see Big Marvel watching me intensely which made me stop dancing slowly.

"What are you staring at?" I said a red blush covering my face.

"You're really good at dancing." He said showing no emotion.

I giggled. "So are you."

We danced together a little while longer until we decided to walk over to the pool. Big Marvel had become a little tipsy, as I expected, but he didn't act differently.

"Do you want to swim?" We walked outside and I saw a few people in the pool. The weather was hot and the sun was still out so I agreed to Big Marvel's question and took my shorts and Hawaiian shirt off, so I was in my swimsuit. Big Marvel did the same but he was in swim shorts. Luckily I had a handbag so we put our clothes in there and put my bag on the side of the pool.

"Hey you better not push me in."

"WHAT? PUSH YOU IN? ok." He pretended not to hear me and pushed me into the cold water with a huge grin on his face.

I gasped and glared at him, reaching over to his feet to pull him in.

He splashed in next to me and we were both laughing it was hard to swim.

"Omg!" I grabbed Big Marvel close and whispered to him. "Is that John Cena?" I cried internally.

"Yeah. JOHN CENA!" He called over.

"Dontcomeovernonononono- Hiiiii John."

"Hello Big Marvel, and sorry have we met?"

"No I'm y/n it's nice to meet you." I waved from in the pool.

"Nice to meet you too." He laughed and walked off to find J-Hope, his BFF.

"Come on Y/n we should get out the pool." Big Marvel said admiring his wrinkling fingers.

I giggled. "Okay, it is getting dark."

He grabbed my hand and took me out of the pool. We sat round the other side and socialized with others.

The music was still playing loud and occasionally I heard a faint 'chug, chug, chug, chug.' Which always made me peep round the corner to see who was chugging beer on the dancefloor.

"Hey Boss, I'm gonna get changed." I told Big Marvel as I was now dry.

"Bring my clothes over." He replied.

I walked over to the chair I put my bag on. I couldn't really see because it was late and dark outside, but I was 100% sure my bag had gone.

It wasn't there.

Not only did it have our clothes in but it had Big Marvel's car keys and my phone and money.


Guess we're not going home tonight!

HELLO IT'S ME, YES IM BACK! Sorry I haven't updated in like forever, but it's now the summer holidays in England so I will be writing more often! I hope you enjoyed the chapter. I wonder if J-Hope will let you sleepover at his house, or will you and Big Marvel have to walk all the way home in your swimwear?

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