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It was the first night I spent in my new room. The sound of the occasional car drive pass lulled me into a deep sleep, only to be awoken by sunlight on my face. The singing of birds outside forced me to unwillingly climb out of bed. I reached over to my bedside table to grab my phone and check the time, 8:30am. It was earlier than I would usually get out of bed on a weekend but I dragged myself to the bathroom despite that.

I walked out of the bathroom feeling refreshed and looking less like a... Potato. I started making some pancakes. As I flipped one in the air I was startled by a knock on the door. The pancake fell from the sky only to neatly land back in the pan, what can I say? I'm a professional.

I put the pan down, putting the pancake on a plate, upset that it would be cold before I could eat it. I heard a key unlocking the door to reveal Big Marvel.

"You didn't open the door." He said mimiking a sad tone.

"You have a key, let yourself in." I paused and thought. "WAIT WHY DO YOU EVEN HAVE A KEY!"

"It doesn't matter," I sighed, "Want a pancake?"

"Y/N, my favourite! You shouldn't have!" I sighed handing him the pancake I had just made for myself.

I walked over to the mixture to make myself another one. "Anyway, I was just wondering, I don't know your real name, what should I call you?"

"Call me boss." He said with a husky voice and straight face.

"Ha ha, very funny. I am subscribed to your YouTube channel you know, 'boss of the world'." He pouted, it was obviously not the response he wanted.

"That reminds me Y/N, will you help me make a YouTube video at the supermarket?"

"As long as you don't do anything stupid..."

We walked down to the local supermarket to film Big Marvel's new video, he has a lot of subscribers and fans so he has to upload more often than me; I didn't mind doing some filming. It was good experience for me as I was studying photography at college.

"Thanks for filming this, don't run away if you are embarrassed." He laughed.

"Can't promise anything!" I replied taking out the camera and setting it up, "Just don't start yodelling." I whispered under my breath.

"No! No." Don't roll on the floor! I screamed in my head, hesitantly recording the rest of the video.

I was in hysterics as I watched Big Marvel run up and down the store, gaining strange looks from parents and children who were shopping.

"And I bought my secret weapon... ChIcKeNeU!" He whipped out a rubber chicken from his bag that was next to me and held it in the air proudly.

I face palmed.

"I was wondering when he would show up."

"HE?! How dare you assume my chicken's gender. She is very sensitive." He said hugging the chicken.

"Alright, I see what's going on here. You're in love!"

"I am." He said in his own world.

"Wait what I am?! With who?" He suddenly snapped back into reality. I swear I heard him say 'with you' but it was just my imagination.

"Ha you are so in love with ChIcKeNeU!" I mocked.

"Don't make fun of our relationship!" He started chasing me out of the shop. He grabbed the back of his backpack I was wearing, but I slipped my arms out of it before he caught me. "Hey! Not fair!"

"Is too! Catch me if you can." I stuck my tongue out and sprinted the other way, Big Marvel on my tail.

"I will take revenge on ChIcKeNeU!!"

Will Big Marvel catch you or do you think you can out run him?

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