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Not Mine Anymore by GenevieveHarp
Not Mine Anymoreby Alex Austin
Not every mate can be faithful. I found out the hard way. ••• "Sapphire." I was being called back from my own cheating mate. I found him with one of my closes...
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Slashers Yandere Boyfriend Scenarios by DarkThornBloodyLove
Slashers Yandere Boyfriend Scenari...by Rose Marie
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I love you, I hate you. by itzl123
I love you, I hate you.by itzl123
After leaving her royal family because she can't handle that her sister married her one true love. But before leavin he threatens her that if she dates anyone that pers...
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Why Me? (Tamaki X Reader) by Dragoraven24
Why Me? (Tamaki X Reader)by Dragoraven24
Your best friend drags you to her favorite club and the second you step inside Music Room 3, you hate it. But you find yourself in a situation that you cannot get out of...
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art because I need validation  by tunirp
art because I need validation by 𝐣𝐡𝐨𝐞 𝐣𝐡𝐨𝐞 —
this is probably gonna be my new randomness book as well because I was a huge cHILD in that book and I no longer feel comfortable showing that anymore hehe :^) also bec...
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Why Me?( Larry mpreg) by LarryMpreg
Why Me?( Larry mpreg)by LarryMpreg
Louis and Harry have been friends for life. Or should I say friends with benefits? Anyways the go to a party and get drunk.Really drunk. What happens when Louis finds ou...
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Why me...... Because I am simple by rini_stella
Why me...... Because I am simpleby Rini_RSR
For a girl she feels a complete woman when she fulfills these responsibilities in her life. - A daughter -A friend - A sister - A wife - A daughter-in-law - A mother But...
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(Un)loved by green_heart_77
(Un)lovedby Smita Kumari
3 in #indianwriter on 27.05.19 True love doesn't come by choice, it comes by destiny. Come join this experience of Shruti, a simple girl with a...
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Gandrew Oneshots by SoftGhostie
Gandrew Oneshotsby ciao
©SoftGhostie™ Reached 5K-2/2/19 Reached 6K-2/13/19 Reached #1 in gayshipsareyayships 2/20/19 Reached 7k-2/23/19 Reached 8k-3/11/19 Reached #1 in boop 3/12/19 Reached 9k...
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pyrocynical x reader | that sexy lesbian by rosetoast
pyrocynical x reader | that sexy l...by mercys lovely toaster
In which you meet Pyrocynical through twitter over a youtube video.
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I Don't (Complete)  by WeirdAuthor101
I Don't (Complete) by Weirdauthor101
Adorabelle's Grandmother was a millionaire but she hated Adorabelle's Father because he married a poor wife. Adorabelle's Father fell for Adorabella's Mother instantly...
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Depressed Rants And Poems by oODepressedOo
Depressed Rants And Poemsby oODepressedOo
ALWAYS OPEN DM your rants and I can post them anonymously or not anonymously, you choose, send multiple if you want/need to. I will also put my own in too.
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Secret Room by Grethanislife
Secret Roomby CrEaTe.Dolan
This is a Grethan Story. Ethan Hates Jersey and wants to leave and his mom died because of suicide because she figured out Ethan was gay his dad didn't mind, but his dad...
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Randomness book ٩( ᐛ )و by MarieDaCorgi
Randomness book ٩( ᐛ )وby i ate a frog
the cover is my asshole cat Pickles (he's adorable tho) I update this like once or twice a day or sometimes not for three days but eh.. go read my fanfics plz ;w; I d...
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Why me? (Lucas Sinclair x Reader) by icanbeyourzoomer
Why me? (Lucas Sinclair x Reader)by sadie the sink
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Diaper Baby  by ROZES_Chainsmokers
Diaper Baby by ROZES_Chainsmokers
Jamie was a normal 12 year old girl... until she did something she regrets completely and turns her life upside-down!
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Art book! by 01SpiderQueen10
Art book!by Angel Cake
Art because I am bored as shit and this will be a good chance for you guys to see into my life If you find some on Instagram. It'll be me ;D
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sad Quotes  by ace_the_lame_bean
sad Quotes by ace Chiasson
Why do you even have to read this???? . Ok then... Dm if you want to text I'm always open for texting....... ......
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Maybe I Care- Horror x Dust by NachoCheeseOfRed
Maybe I Care- Horror x Dustby Nacho Cheese
(Cover by 12Keanna) So I was browsing Wattpad as usual, messing around reading bootiful fanfics when a certain pair of delinquents popped into my brain. I searched 'Horr...
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Why Me? [an Akatsuki Cat Story] by SatanicKittens
Why Me? [an Akatsuki Cat Story]by ಠ_ಠ
Autumn is your average girl; nothing special and nobody important. She never expected she'd come face-to-face with powerful ninja who possess mysterious abilities. She...
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