My Suprise

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I was sprinting through the apartment building, screaming, with a buttercream covered face. I heard Big Marvel chuckle loudly as he ran into a room behind the entrance of the building where inside...

"SUPRISE!" Friends from my home town and university gathered around a table, Big Marvel standing to the side of the door - panting dramatically.

"You're such an idiot." I giggled, hitting him repeatedly on his head while everyone in the room laughed along (except Big Marvel who was wincing in pain.)

"How did you all get here?! When?" I said nearly in tears.

"We all got off the plane this morning and when we got a phonecall from your mum-" A friend that was in my class said before being cut off.

"-who organised the suprise. She told us that a guy with a chicken was picking us up." My friend Lauren explained, while the one previously talking just grunted in annoyance.

"How did you know my mum?" I turned to Big Marvel still confused.

"She watches my YouTube videos." He shrugged and I laughed dramatically.

"Our boss James is going to kill us for taking this much time off work!" One of my friends sighed while I recalled the times when I also worked for James.

We all walked back up to my apartment and ate the food I had set out enjoying eachothers' company.

"Put some music on!" My friend yelled out.

"Okay, not kpop though." I laughed while my friends groaned in disappointment.

Music began to play and I danced with Big Marvel and My friends until it was around 9:00 and I let my friends stay round for a sleepover as they had no place to spend the night. Typical.

"Bye mum, dad," I hugged my grandparents and aunties and uncles as well before turning to my friends and squeeling.


~At the supermarket~

"Quick it closes at 10:00," I hurried my friends because it was now 9:45.

"Alright! Hurry up!" My friend, Lauren, beckoned the others.

"We're hurring." Lexie said walking her slowest.

Jada zoomed past into the store and grabbed all the chocolate she could handle.

"Jada do you want to get anything else?" Lindsey said sarcastically, while Sharlise was already outside with a bag of sweets being her back, pretending she hadn't bought any so she didn't have to share.

"I missed you guys." I laughed while walking up to the till to buy my items.

~back at home~

"Ok ok, what should we play then?" I said putting all the sweets in the centre of the room.

"Truth or truth!" Lexie exclaimed.

"What about the dares?" Lindsey replied.

"No dares, I don't like dares." Sharlise said agreeing with Lexie.

"No! You have to have dares what's the point!"

"I know!" I shouted. "Dare or dare!"

We sat in a circle on the floor, gathered arround the sweets. Jada started.

"Sharlise dare or dare?"


"I dare you to try and sell this packet of sweets to someone on the street."

Sharlise walked outside and we all watched through the window.

"HELLO, young man, would you like to buy some delicious sweets? ONLY £1!!"

"My mummy said not to take sweets from weird strangers." The boy said running away.


She gave up on selling the sweets the the boy and asked a tall lady if she wanted some sweets.

"Sweets? The original price was £1 but I'll give them to you for 50p?"

"No thanks, plaese leave me alone." The lady said walking into the distance.

"20p?!" She screamed following the lady.

"Take it!" The scared woman said throwing her the money and grabbing the sweets.


"...Barely." we all whispered behind the window.

We walked back to the room and it was now Sharlise's turn.

"Dare or dare?" She asked me.


"I dare you to go into Big Marvel's room and wake him up to tell him that you have diarrhea."

"Very original." I sighed and Wales to the door, giggling lightly.

I lifted up the carpet outside the door and found Big Marvel's key.

"Here goes." My friends gave me the thumbs up.

I tiptoed into his dark room and found a sleeping Big Marvel an shook his body gently.




I ran out of the room laughing like a little kid along with the others.


"I think it's time for bed."

I turned the lights off and everyone got into their beds.

"Ewwww y/n you actually need to go to the toilet. Please."

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