Introducing... jealousy?

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"So who's my new neighbor?" I asked Big Sky curiously.

"Come on Y/n let's go!" Big Marvel yelled running out of his room, grabbing my arm.


We ran and ran. Out of the apartment building, down the streets and across roads. We ran until we reached the centre of town.

"Let's go shopping, *pant* I need new clothes and *pant* I need your help."

"Why *pant* do we have to do it now?" I was slightly annoyed as he pulled me away mid conversation.

"Uh because, I'm going to a fancy dress party tonight!" He scratched his head. It was as if he was hiding something from me? Nah.

"What?! Can I come? Where to first."

We walked into a shop that was filled with colourful, bright Hawaiian shirts; straw farmers hats; nurse outfits; gorey zombie kits.

"What's the theme?"

"Uh, beach?" He guessed.

"You're the one with the invite." I laughed.

We shopped through the Hawaiian shirts and Big Marvel can rock a Hawaiian shirt any day of the week.

I walked over to the cashier and handed her the money. I reached into my bag and put the receipt in and walked home.

"So who is my nextdoor neighbor?"


"Stop being stubborn and just tell me who it is."

"I didn't want to tell you but... J-Hope."

Wait. J-Hope.

"J-HOPE FROM BTS?! LIKE THE J-HOPE?!" I screamed and nearly fainted.

"See this is why i didn't want to tell you." He looked shocked and disappointed and I couldn't tell why. "Y/n wai-"

I cut him off and dashed away, not wasting any more precious time.

I ran the rest of the way home, hoping I'd be able to help the idol unpack his things.

When I got home I rushed straight to Big Sky. "J-Hope, where is he?!"

"Who? What J-Hope why would he be here?" I said excitedly.

"What do you mean he's moving in nextdoor." I told him.

He laughed strangely. "Who told you that?"

I gritted my teeth and went red in anger. "Big Marvel." I sighed in disappointment, I knew it was to good to be true.

"It's a girl."

"What? I'm not pregnant."

"No your neighbor."

"Oh okay, some feminine company."

"She comes from China."

"Im sick of this! This isn't guess who!"

"She's called Suli."

Suddenly I heard Big Marvel stomping viciously along the corridor.

"Big Sky!" He yelled angrily.

"Yes?" He asked shyly, strange, that's unlike Big Sky he's usually quite extroverted.

"Why? You knew I would want this. Are you kidding me?! Is this a joke idiot!?"

"Oh you. What's next Chanyeol is my roommate?" I scoffed

"Im sorry Y/n. I couldn't tell you Big Sky allowed my ex-girlfriend to move in nextdoor to you."

"Ex-girlfriend? You mean ..."

"Yeah," he sighed. "Suli is not a bad girl, I just didn't want to involve you in any drama."

He looked down a bit shy. Big Sky had walked quietly away to escape the wrath of his best friend.

"Drama?" I asked. Not that I was looking for tea, but I wanted to know about who was moving in next door.

"Come in." He gestured me to his room.

We sat on his bed and I started to think it was going to be serious. He sighed for the millionth time and gave me a sheepish smile.

"So I met Suli in school, we were best friends, did everything together. Until around high school where we became boyfriend and girlfriend, we loved eachother. We broke up when I moved but she still loves me, especially since my YouTube fame."

For some reason when he said that I got angry, but I wasn't... Jealous?

Quick chapter but I hope you enjoyed it!   Thanks Colio9 for suggesting J-Hope, I'm sorry if you got disappointed after reading on! Majority voted Big Marvel's Ex 😂❤️

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