No pets allowed!

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"Hey, why do you have a chicken anyway?" I asked the strange man who was wearing sunglasses indoors.

"He is for my YouTube videos." The guy said laughing, "Sorry let me take these off, it's too dark." He took off his sunglasses.
"Hey! You're the guy who works in Urban Outfitters!" I realised and he frown and chuckled.

"No I don't work in Urban Outfitters, but if I did I would make you pay for that lamp you stole." He teased.

"You saw!" I exclaimed turning red in the face. "I gave it back to the shop, it was an accident."

We both laughed and I realised I was sitting in the hallway laughing with a guy who slaps himself and has a pet chicken. I stopped. And burst out in hysterics, rolling on the floor.

"Hey um, are you y/n?" Asked the landlord as he walked past.

"Oh, oh yeah hi!" I replied jumping up and brushing the dust off.

"Big Sky!" The guy said hi to the landlord.

"Big Marvel!" He replied and they did their handshake, I assumed.

"Uhm," I cleared my throat, "Did you need something... Big Sky?" I asked unsure if that was his name.

"Yes, well I just wanted to check if there was any problems or you're settling in alright." He smiled kindly. He had small oval glasses resting on the tip of his nose, and again I wondered why everyone was wearing sunglasses indoors.

"I see you've met Big Marvel, he's your neighbor and also the other YouTuber I mentioned." His phone started ringing so he excused himself, saying he would continue the conversation later.

"So you're a YouTuber as well?" I asked turning to Big Marvel. I wanted to ask if Big Marvel was his real name, but I didn't want to seem rude. "What kind of videos do you make?"

"Well I make music videos and covers,  I also make $1 Vs $1000 instrumental covers, you should check it out."

"I will make sure to subscribe!" I winked cheekily. "I make vlogs and I sing covers, we should do a collab sometime?" I giggled nervously, why did I ask that? We don't even know eachother.

"Definitely, I'll get back to you on that. Do you need anything help unpacking? Oh wait! Hold that thought. ChIcKeNeU!" He yelled running down the corridor after the chicken that escaped his room...

Every time I write like 'tHiS' I can only think of the Spongebob meme... Untill next time!

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