Sleepover with an Idol!

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"Heh, I think my bag is missing..." I scratched the back of my neck while I told a drunk Big Marvel his car keys, phone, money and clothes were missing.

"Your what?"

"My bag."

"Oh... Um..."


We both stood in silence while we figured out what to do next.

"I guess we'll have to walk home?" I pondered, I didn't want to walk home in the dark, in my swimsuit, in the cold. It was a long way home.

"No, we can't do that, it's too far, too cold. I could ask if we can sleepover?" Big Marvel queried.

"Do you think he will let us?" I asked.

"Let us what?" J-Hope said popping into our conversation.

"Sleepover tonight?" Big Marvel asked.

"Yeah sure, why? Too drunk to drive?" He laughed and I got embarrassed.

"No no, I just lost my bag, it kinda had everything in it. Including car keys."

"MY car keys." Big Marvel stressed.

"Hey hey, it's cool, you can sleepover. A couple of others are crashing here too."

We nodded and thanked him, some people had left the party, but a lot of people still danced and drank inside.

"Let's go inside, it's getting cold." J-Hope said as Big Marvel and I followed him inside.

"Do you want to borrow some clothes?!" J-Hope shouted over the music.

"Yeah please." We both replied.

He told us to head upstairs to the right and we would see his wardrobe. We were told we could borrow anything - except his Gucci.

We stumbled up the stairs and along the corridor. He didn't exactly tell us where it was but Big Marvel seemed to know his way around.

"It's this way." He laughed and corrected me.

"How do you know anyway." I huffed.

"Been here before. J-Hope has parties often." He chuckled.

"Hey, I'm sorry about your car. And clothes. We'll sort it out, and get AA."

"Don't worry it's not your fault. I'm just surprised whoever took my keys didn't take my car!"

"Yeh lucky." I sighed.

"Hey I said don't worry, okay? We'll find it."

I have a weak smile and Big Marvel ran off over to the wardrobe. He flicked through all the clothes he wanted and came out of the wardrobe with a feather in his hair and fluffy scarf around his neck.

"That's Gucci! He said you can't wear that."

"No Gucci?" He put some of the clothes back. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the walk in wardrobe.

I was laughing so hard I didn't realize I was now dressed head to toe in ridiculously colourful stage outfits, that didn't match.

"How do I look?" I posed in my amazing outfit and so did Big Marvel.

"Amazing.... ly awful."

"You're just jealous."

We then got dressed in more appropriate outfits and headed down to the party. Some more people had left but the music was still blasting loud. There was two women and two men dancing still. They all looked a bit tipsy.

"Hey everyone! Party is over!" J-Hope shouted at the drunk people after turning the music down.

"If you are not getting a taxi stay here overnight I don't want any accidents." He explained.  Me and Big Marvel looked at eachother, concerned.

"Can I stay mate? Is that *hic* okay?" One man said with his arm wrapped around the host.

"...Surrreee." He sounded unsure.

"It's quite late now so if you want to come this way." He lead me into a lounge room with Big Marvel and the rest following behind.

"You can hang here until you sober up or until morning." He said kindly.

"Thanks, I really don't know what I would've done." I thanked him.

"It was nothing."

"Yeah it was nothing." Big Marvel added. I nudged him.

"We'll have to pay you back sometime."

"No don't worry." He chuckled.

"Yeah don't worry y/n." Big Marvel butted in.

"Shut up." I nudged him again, then turned to smile at J-Hope.

"I'll just turn on the TV." He said walking over to it, I followed, and Big Marvel followed me.

"I didn't see the rest of the group today." I said to him, making conversation.

"Yeah they were busy, RM was traveling and Jin was with family. It was really the only day we've had off recently."

"Must be hard." I said.

"Yeah poor you." Said Big Marvel with fake pity.

"What is wrong?!" I turned to ask him, angry now.

"Nothing, sorry." He rolled his eyes and walked away slowly.

"Hold on. You can't just pretend you're not mad, what's going on?"

"Leave him." J-Hope said, his hand on my shoulder.

Big Marvel turned to look at us, then he turned back and stormed off. I just laughed in annoyance and stormed after him, J-Hope was shocked at first, then a little annoyed himself.

I followed Big Marvel out the room. He began to walk faster because he knew I was following him.

"Can you just stop. This is childish, ok? You're drunk I get it."

"I'm not drunk y/n."

"What is it then? Are you jealous?" I was surprised at myself at covered my mouth with my hand.

"Yes okay?! I am. I don't like seeing you and J-Hope together."

"...Myun hoon..."

Bonjour! I hope you liked this chapter! Originally this story was supposed to be a comedy, but this chapter was kind of serious and made me feel weird lol.
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