Purple like Waluigi

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"Good Morning!" Sharlise sang with a Sharpie moustache on her face.

"Good morning." Said Big Marvel casually.

"Big Marvel? What are you doing here?" She said in suprise.

"What?" I groaned croakily rubbing my eyes.

"Oh hey Y/n, did you figure out your, you know, problem?" He coughed in embarrassment.

"Problem? Oh yeah... Wait! I never had diarrhea, it was a prank!" I waved my hand viciously in the air.

"Don't get defensive, if you have an issue, see a doctor."

"I DON'T!"

Time had passed and everyone had gotten ready for the day. I washed my face, vigorously trying to get the Sharpie off my own face. I did my hair, brushed my teeth and got dressed. I wore a plain, white, oversized t-shirt with black skinny jeans and a gold necklace, with a red corduroy jacket.

The girls were exploring the town, so me and Big Marvel decided to stay at home (that sounds like we're married) and be lazy.

"I'm bored." I said slouching on the sofa.

"I know y/n you told me like 12 times already." Big Marvel sighed uninterested, as the twirled his finger around the Xbox controller.

"Do something with me."

"Well I have a hairdresser appointment in 30 minutes, the hairdresser is coming to my apartment."

"Fine. But can we play Wii and not stupid Forza or whatever."

"I'm playing Minecraft not Forza." He chuckled.

"Tamato, tomato." I wiggled my hands. "Mario Kart?" I asked picking up the disk from the cabinet.

"Is that even a question!"

We turned on the Wii and chose our characters for the game of Grand Prix, which I was going to win.

"Everyone who knows, knows Waluigi is the best." I tried to explain to the boy who, was sitting on the rug. He had his back where I had my feet, against the sofa and I was sat on the sofa above him.

I draped my legs over his shoulders in annoyance as he was taking far to long to decide on a character.

"King Boo, or Baby Mario?"


"Wha- fine."

We were browsing through the tracks, wondering where to race.

"Rainbow road?" I hesitantly asked.

"Are you kidding? No way bowser's castle." He replied.

"Peach gardens?"
"Peach gardens?" We asked in synchronization, laughing at our togetherness.

"3... 2..." We both held down 2 on our remotes ready to get a boost.

And I zoomed off in first just as Luigi - Big Marvel - exploded in a puff of smoke.

"HA!" I screamed competitively.

"Just you wait."

I saw in his screen a blue shell...
It was nice knowing you.


PSYKE! I swerved into second place allowing the blue shell to fly over and hit Yoshi.

"Not fair! I nearly had you!" Big Marvel cried attacking me with a pillow as I crossed the finish line.

"Next time you'll win, promise."

Of course I won the next three rounds that we played, coming first in nearly every game, except from the one I allowed him to win. Big Marvel was sulking because he had only won one game, and he turned the Wii off during a rage quit.

"I want a rematch. Not Mario though, something I'm good at!" He moaned.

"Sure, sure, whatever you want next time."

"When's the hairdresser coming?" I reminded.

"5 mins, do you want to come round?"

I nodded and we walked round to his. I made tea for us and the hairdresser arrived. The doorbell rang and I went to open the door.

"Hello I'm the hairdresser." She smiled.

"Come in,"

Big Marvel told the lady what he wanted his hair to be like. "Yellow please, like a bit more yellow than blonde."

The lady began by bleaching his natural dark hair; he squirmed, complaining that it burned. I rolled my eyes at his childishness and told the lady to apply more.

The bleach had set in and he went to wash it off.
(Is this what you do? Idk 😂)

As he went into the bathroom I explained to the lady that he actually wanted it purple and just didn't want to seem girly, she nodded in understandment.

"I want my money back! NO why's it purple!" He sobbed silently, looking at his purple hair in the mirror. I laughed my head off along with the hairdresser who thought he was pretending.

"Sorry no refunds." She shrugged and I high-fived her.

"It looks great. Now you can really start that Kpop group. You've got the hair and everything!"

"I mean..."

"I think it looks cool!" I said to the hairdresser and she nodded in agreement.

"It's shiny." He said looking in the mirror.

"Alright alright don't get full of yourself."

Thanks for reading this chapter, please vote and comment! Yeah so I just saw Big Marvel's new video, and he dyed his hair back blonde so... Oh well we'll change that in the next chapter 😂😊

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