Another Door Next To Me

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Today I decided to have a relaxing day, I didn't have much planned. In the morning I walked down to the park and got some ice cream. I read my book, Harry Potter, and enjoyed the warm sun. Ever since I moved in next to Big Marvel, it's been kind of crazy. I vlogged my walk through the park and had a moment to talk to my subscribers, because honestly I forgot about my YouTube channel. The last video I made was moving in to my apartment!

It was mid day and I was getting hungry so I went home for lunch. I made chicken salad which reminded me of the mukbang asmr video. I felt tingling inside when I thought about mine and Big Marvel's shared memories.

I edited my YouTube video and managed to upload it straight after. I quickly got replies and comments asking me where I had been, which walmed my heart.

I walked nextdoor to see Big Marvel, wanting to ask him about some advice on what I should do with my channel.

Knock knock

"Hello idiot! Y/n!" Big Marvel said as I came into his room.

"1.) I'm not an idiot, 2.) Why do you have a key to my room, but I have to knock to get into yours?" I laughed with traces of annoyance in my chuckle.

"You don't really mind," he dismissed waving his hands. "Where have you been all day I missed you." He pouted and I turned a little red.

"None of your business!" I said in embarrassment.

"Jeez!" He chuckled.

"Sorry, I've just been a little stressed. I wanted to ask you something."


"I think I'm going to delete my YouTube because I don't know what to do with it anymore."

"NO, no don't delete it!" He said shocked. "I like your videos!"

"Okay," I laughed, "What should I do then?"

"Me, you, collab!"


We blue-tacked a big sheet of wrapping paper to the wall behind us to create a pink background to our video. Big Marvel sat on a sofa infront of the camera and I hid behind it ready to jump out.

"HELLO!" Big Marvel screamed at the camera. "Today, I am doing a my girlfriend does my makeup video!"

"But I'm not his girlfriend!" I said jumping up from behind the sofa.

"Here is all the $1000 makeup out on the table." He gestured to the table in front of us.

I began to do his makeup, staring with eyebrows and eyeshadow, like I usually would.

"Is this right?" He asked looking in the mirror.

"I'm not done!" I grabbed his face and turned it back around, getting closer so I could do his makeup.

"You're quite close..." He whispered to me.

"Shh. I'm concentrating."

I swear I saw him blush a little but I couldn't tell because I was doing his foundation.

We got to the final reveal of the makeup and...

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME IDERA!" I laughed so hard I probably I had abs.

"I said good makeup!"

"Oi! I said, "That is my best! You're just ugly!"

He pretended to cry but I just laughed at him.

I said goodbye to the video  and Big Marvel did some flossing and shooting while I cringed.

"Thanks for filming with me." I smiled.

"No problem, it was fun."


I woke up the next day because of the noise next door. But what was unusual that surprised me was that the noise wasn't from Big Marvel's side, it was from the other side of my apartment wall.

I threw on my jacket and jogging bottoms over my PJs, and opened my door to take a look outside.

"What's going on you guys?" I said groggily and I rubbed one eye.

"Ah Y/n! Good morning!" Big Sky yelled in my ear.

"Jeez, I just woke up."

"It's 11:00 already, we've been waiting forever for you and Idiot to wake up."

"Oh, Big Marvel and I stayed up all night trying to figure out how to get spilt mascara off carpet..."

"Well then that explains those bags." He said pointing to my face.

"oHOh RUDE!" I whacked his arm in anger. I was about to ask what the commotion was about a minute ago, but he beat me to it.

"The noise was because you have a new neighbor! I hope you get along just as well as you get along with Big Marvel." He winked.

"Yeah." I rolled my eyes but smiled, "I guess we do get on well."

"WHO? Who do you get along with?!" Shouted Big Marvel, smashing out of his apartment.

"No one that concerns you!" I stuck my tongue out at him.

He smacked his face and went back inside his apartment. He's so weird, but I've gotten used to it.

"So who's my new neighbor?"

DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN... Who's the new neighbor? It's up to you!

Comment who you want to be the neighbor:

- A Kpop idol

- An English/American celebrity

- An old friend from school

- An old boyfriend

- Big Marvel's Ex girlfriend

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